I Still Like Lists

Today, I:-

a) woke up at an unearthly hour (7.55AM) to get ready for breakfast at 8AM
b) jumped out of bed like a ninja and changed at a record-breaking speed of thirty seconds at most
c) had breakfast with two good high school friends I hadn't seen in months
d) caught up to date with them over at my place while the TV was switched on in front of us
e) mailed my application documents to Wisconsin
f) ate nasi lemak and maggi mee goreng -just the most heavenly Malaysian food
g) made plans with my brother -who came up with the idea, shockingly- to try our hand(s) at cooking...very soon
h) devised a menu with my brother for our first try (har har)
i) executed stage 2 of 57 in the operation to clean my room
j) greeted my best friend -via text message, I mean- who is now back on Malaysian soil for the holidays!
k) finished a storybook
l) drank nothing but water all day and not a single drop of tea -what a feat
m) made plans for tomorrow

Today's level-o'-productivity: 11.638/10

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