Healing Things

I have to concede that the last few days have been pretty rough for me. It usually takes time for seemingly bad news to sink in and my mind wouldn't, for the life of me, stop chugging out thoughts to give me a moment's peace. I was, quite dramatically, in a place of doom a.k.a. my thought-infested head. But I have now emerged from the darkness and realized that there were many things which brought me healing, some of which I think are note-worthy like:
  • Just the most heart-tugging message yet on Psalm 23 in church. The thickest and warmest blanket of comfort and protection. Exactly what I -along with the entire congregation- needed that day.
  • Father's Day dinner with the Yeo family.
  • Watching my father do a perfect imitation of the high-pitched host on stage.
  • Watching my father slice the Father's Day cake...rather unsuccessfully.
  • Listening to two new songs (hopefully) slated to be in the upcoming album by The Special Artist.
  • Getting a new storybook at the bookstore because it has been quite a while. No, really.
  • Chatting up a storm over at Twitter about a good movie and a, uh, hunky actor.
  • Skype-ing with the best friend for the longest time today since her exams are now officially over!
  • Reading. Always nourishes the semi-broken soul.
  • A free Shrek figurine at the bottom of the cereal box.
  • Making plans. Not long-term ones though. I need to watch out for those now. Short-term ones.
Tomorrow, I will be heading to college to collect and prepare some documents needed for my Spring application. And hopefully catch up with some friends in the process. And after that, it's movie-time! Yeah man. (My mother isn't too happy that all I've been doing lately involves a trip to the mall and thus, the cinema. Oy.)

P/S: A dear friend in Melbourne tweeted about a gunman being on the loose this afternoon. I immediately texted my best friend who is also in Melbourne. The last update as reported by my best friend was that the gunman is nineteen-years-old, has golden hair and is still on the loose (though his gun has been found). This did not make my day at all. Psh.

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seek the Book of Happyness! =)