Great Women in (Justine's) History

This morning, I had a long and refreshing chat with my mother over lunch about God, life, people, the things that matter, eggs and egg-haters. I mostly told her what has been on my mind for the past few days and how eggs are glorious and she mostly listened, gave wise counsel and agreed that people who don't enjoy eggs are missing out on life. Towards the end though, she told me exactly what I needed to fix about myself and I couldn't agree more -though I argued at first for the sake of arguing. Nothing like having your mother tell you to your face that you suck. It was both upsetting and comforting. Mostly comforting, because you know you are not alone with that thought.

This evening, I had a long and refreshing chat with my English teacher of seven years over dinner about kids, family, family problems, Mathematics, mothers and the joy of teaching. Since a friend and I hadn't seen her in eons since we began college, it was truly a delight to be in her company once again. We discovered so many things about her college days that we hadn't known all this while. The initial plan was for us ex-students to treat her to dinner. It was in both of our to-do lists since we finished high school. Sadly, the plan was thwarted when she said she wanted to treat us this time. She came up with some really good reasons why we shouldn't be the ones treating her. And we fell for it. Crud. But there will always be a next time, and when that time comes, she will have no say whatsoever on who is going to get the bill. My heart cannot rest until that day comes.

On the way back, a really peculiar thing happened. She got a phone call from her mother asking her what time she was planning to get home since her twin boys wouldn't sleep until she tucked them in bed. After hanging up, she exclaimed, "Why am I getting a phone call from my mother when you young ladies aren't getting any from your mothers?" Ha-ha! I suppose mothers will never stop caring, even when their daughters are well in their forties, and with a family of their own.

This English teacher has had the most impact in my life as a reader and a writer. I never stop missing her and never will because some of the greatest wisdom I've ever received came from her. It is not often that you go under the tutelage of a teacher and in turn, find a friend, sister and mother in them. The extent of this teacher-student relationship is definitely one to treasure because she saw me through it all: when I was 11 and a pain in the butt, when I was 13 and hated reading, when I was 14 and loved reading, when I was 16 and loved writing, and when I was 18 and with cyan hair extensions. She is one of three women -excluding my mother and dear friends who are 'young women'- who are my life's most precious gems. And she rocks. (Pun intended.)

Tomorrow, I am going to college to quit my job. And then head to the mall with good friends for a much-needed chilling session. It has been quite a while. So I am stoked!

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