Grace-filled Day

Today was an ordinarily good day. I had a fantastic time in church and made some decisions which scared me silly. But God has been pounding on my conscience for the longest time -say, several years now- and I cannot afford to ignore it anymore. So I did what I did. And I am still as fearful as ever. Oy. But I've got a feeling that they won't be decisions I am going to regret making. Not now and not ever. I have faith; not much, but enough.

After church, I came home to a very delicious meal for lunch. Then I sat by the laptop and watched two movies I've been wanting to watch back-to-back. Oh the joy! I would have already watched the third movie of the day if my fingers hadn't betrayed me and clicked on the 'Delete' button by accident. A very bad virtual accident, it was. Psh!

Before I knew it, night fell and I got stoked again for tomorrow. Five theme parks, five friends and one giant G-force ball. I sure hope the last one comes to pass. Because I am madly charged up for the moment I get to rapidly launch myself into the air, leaving the ground behind me and hurtling towards the sky. What. A. Feeling.

Now all I need to do in preparation is pack a spare change of clothes, a towel, soap and shampoo (possibly) and a plastic bag for the drenched clothes. Feels oddly like I'm going for a one-day camping trip. Oy.

Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to tomorrow? No, I don't think I have. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow!

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