Cousin Catch-up

Today, I watched my third consecutive movie in three days with three different kinds of great company each time. Today, it happened to be my cousin brother whom I hadn't seen in quite a while due to his mid-term examination. Although the movie kicked butt, I had the best time catching up with my cousin brother over Japanese food. He updated me on the various aspects of his life and I had a field trip laughing at the funniest things he said -especially about his significant other. Just proved my belief that relationships can either be simply great, or downright painful. He is such a matured dude now, my cousin brother. I was very pleased to hear him making the right decisions most of the time and am proud of what he's turning out to be. He also made me realize that our few-month-old baby cousin brother is a soon-to-be uncle in the Tong family. Oy... The only thing -or rather, person- missing today was my cousin sister who couldn't join us. But no matter, the 'next time' we always speak of is just around the corner. And I can hardly wait!

It is barely 10PM but I think I am ready to call it a day. Another fantastic day tomorrow: Father's Day! I think my father has already treated himself with the new toy on wheels he just got yesterday. Har har har. I shall say nothing more.

Signing off!

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