And then it goes "BANG!"

Today, I did something Present Justine isn't too happy about but Future Justine can learn from: I got into a car accident. It was my first (and hopefully last) car accident which was both minor and major. Minor to me...and major to the car. There are many things which I can say about the accident: what exactly happened, whose fault it was, lodging a police report, how badly the car is damaged. But then there are many more things which I can say about what I've learned from the accident.

I never knew just how amazing it feels to have a family who backs you up and chooses to understand first, and assess later. But now I do. It is quite an incredible feeling when you get into a car accident and have your father say that it's alright to experience it at least once; your mother as the first face you see right after the accident -it happened only a few houses away, oy; and your brother, owner of the nearly bumper-less car, coolly tell you about his first accident (which went almost exactly the same as mine did) while he drives you to the police station to lodge a report. It feels pretty flippin' great.

And then to have friends who genuinely care and bother with my pathetic cries. And then to have a lengthy chat with the best friend I hadn't talked to in eons. A decidedly bad start, but glorious continuation to the day. Although I really do think that the Holy Spirit is trying to teach me something else other than how most blessings are always in disguise. And I think it's got to do with patience, tolerance and humility. And then some. I will learn. I am learning.

Do not be fooled. There are also internal injuries, my brother and I later discovered en route to the police station. The poor car. I am so terribly sorry.


Alyssa Wei Tze Lim said...

Thank God you're alright!

Justine said...

Thank God, truly! :)