The week has been nothing short of eventful, despite being indoors for three days straight. Resuming from where I last blogged, I had the most glorious news on Friday when a very thoughtful friend who loves chocolate chip cookies and is vacationing in the States got me a copy of Chords of Strength, a book unlike any other. I was so hyped up that I slept at a little past 5AM that day. Partly because of the fantastic news, and partly because I decided to while my time away using a new approach: editing pictures. The photo-editing bug which bit me must have been pretty huge because I have been doing nothing but editing pictures since. Aiyaya. The edited pictures are rather...edited. Heavily. I came to realize that some pictures just aren't meant to be poked with because they look best au naturel.

Today, I finally found time out of my very busy schedule of nothingness to transfer all of my files by the thousands from my mother's laptop to my laptop. I had stored all of mine in her laptop in a desperate attempt to save them back when my laptop temporarily died on me. As I economically used two pen drives in synchrony, I browsed through numerous photos and documents which left me feeling nostalgic and overwhelmed. It is quite a feeling to have when you look at pictures taken ten years ago when the only thing you had to worry about was selecting an ice-cream flavor. It is also quite a feeling to have when you read past works written by yourself back when your only hobby was writing and the only thing driving you was your undiluted love for it. It's unfortunate how I wrote more then -solely for my pleasure and nothing else- than I do now. I rocked in some, and downright sucked in some. But regardless, they were incredible. Past Justine didn't suck. Woe is Present Justine.

In other pressing matters, it is suicidally terrifying to be college-less. I have been following my brother's footsteps by being a hermit and have stayed at home for three days straight now...doing absolutely nothing worth my time. I also have no clue what time of the day it is if it isn't for the clock on my laptop. My parents leave the house three times for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am still in my pajamas, wondering when they even left the house. I feel like it's only morning and sunshiny when it is 5PM. I decide to take a shower since the night is still young but the clock tells me it's 2AM. I finally call it a night and read several pages of a book before heading to bed and when I look at the clock, it is 5AM. The worst part of all this madness is that I have company going through the exact same routine and sitting just across the room from mine -my brother. Oy*, I tell you, oy*!

Yes. I am certifiably, undeniably, irrevocably, epicly*, completely, undoubtedly, shamelessly, epitomically* and perfectly without life. Somebody surf the World Wide Web, find a site selling cheap but functioning weapons, pick a user-friendly gun, order it, package it, mail it over together with the manual, come over to my house because I would not have figured out how to load it with bullets, and do me the very sweet deed of shooting me. Twice. Please.

I have a hunch that my laptop may go up in flames soon. Just because.

Where my time has magically disappeared to. They are mostly inspired by the author of Chords of Strength.

Over and out.

* signify created words..."like duh" **

** quoting self ***

*** (insert major sighing here)