Work Woes

Work has been rather...uninteresting. To the core. I have been shredding papers, photocopying papers, cutting papers, gluing papers, folding papers, filing papers, printing papers, punching papers and awaiting instructions on what to do with said papers. Being physically sick in the midst of it all hasn't been enriching the experience either. The highlights of my work thus far are having the most cheerful and laid-back supervisors -but one menacing Hawk breathing down my neck- and catching up with good friends while working. I have come to realize, though not for the first time, that studying life beats working life anytime hands-down. That being said, I am enjoying being off the revision books for a while now. Storybooks are also o'plenty for my reading pleasure.

You have now reached the abrupt end of this very interesting post.

P/S: I blame work.

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