Trippin' Trip

Flippin' fantastic. That was what the trip to Singapore was. It was so incredible that I needed two whole days to gather my thoughts on the awesomeness of the country when I got back home. Two major highlights of the place were the Pixar Animation Studios and Universal Studios -both of which took my breath away far too many times. It is quite disbelieving to know that Singapore is located just next door to Malaysia because the stark differences between the two countries in almost everything were both astounding and depressing. Having an unofficial photographer and a tour guide in two friends also made the trip a smooth-sailing one. I don't think the trip could have gone any better, except with the presence of my cousin sister and a few good friends who couldn't join us.

In the midst of the vacation, our college results were released. I honestly can't count the number of times I feverishly tried to log in to the student portal to check if my results were posted or not throughout the trip. When I finally discovered what I got, I apologized to my father for disappointing him. And then he threatened to leave me stranded at the airport when I flew back so I told him I was kidding. I was. All glory to God and only Him. College couldn't have ended on a better note.

The semester break concluded with a bang and I am glad I got to spend it with people who are dear to me. A friend and I are going to be working for the ADP program office from next Monday onwards and I am already feeling lazy just by the thought of it. But I can't think of any other way to spend my time productively.

In other news, Wisconsin still hasn't replied. Yet, hopefully. But my doubts are slowly overthrowing my wavering hope. I am trying to get used to the idea of having to leave in January instead. I have my cousin sister to accomplish a lot of things with, after all. And that brings me comfort.

And in yet another news, I owe my father immense gratitude for making my trip possible in the first place. And for always wanting me to have the best and believing that I am the best in his eyes. (Only in his eyes. And it is also not necessarily true. Oy.) And for the bag of Famous Amos cookies greeting me on the table in my room when I arrived home. And for saying the most hilarious things without even meaning to in the first place. And for conscientiously working hard for the family when all my brother and I do is sleep, eat, use the laptop, sleep and sleep some more. And for keeping the house as it is when both my mother and I were away. And for being a selfless father through and through. In my eyes and the eyes of others. He rocks; alongside my mother, who also rocks and kicks butt. Praise God for these two guardians on Earth. And my brother. Who kicks dust. Pfft.


Joe Jian said...

Congrats Jian Ju!! Aww.. You are so lucky to get the chance visiting the Pixar Animation Studios and Universal Studios!! My friends were already planning to go but I doubt I will be able to make it. =(

Anyway, hope you receive a reply from Wisconsin asap!! Good luck yeah!

Justine said...

Hi Joe Jian!!!!!! Wow, it has been ages since we last kept in touch!!! Hehe. Thanks for dropping a comment! =) Why can't you make it??? Singapore is just the PERFECT vacation getaway, especially with friends! And the Pixar Animation Studios exhibition ends sometime in June. So do go if you have the chance to!!! Actual drawings and figurines from the Pixar Studios are featured! :D

And thank you! I am hoping, too. Hehe. Hope you are doing good!!! All the best to you, too. =)

Joe Jian said...

Yeah.. It really had been quiet some time. I hadn't been reading your blog for quite some time until... today? Haha.. I saw you on Friday actually. You were already outside the commuter that time. Hehe.

Hrm.. Parents don't allow me to go anywhere!! Ughh.. That's why I said you were lucky. :D But it's okay. I bet I will have chance for exposures in future. It's not like I am gonna miss the whole world if I missed this right? Hehe..

Justine said...

Oh??? Haha. I didn't catch you. You must have been in another train cabin right? :) And yes, many more opportunities in the future! So nothing to fret over. =)