Singing in Pain

Today was a highly interesting day. After church, my parents took me to the clubhouse for the rehearsal of a singing performance with my cousins and many other kids who were half my age. The thirteen-year-old girl who was positioned beside me had thought that my cousin sister and I were sisters and, to my amazement, thirteen-year-olds as well. When I told her that we were both turning nineteen, she had the most shocking expression on her face and somehow, that pleases me. Ha-ha. She also kept asking the both of us a myriad of questions about ourselves. Her curiosity was incredible and unending. She is a cool thirteen-year-old.

Although my cousin sister and I were the oldest there, we were not necessarily the tallest 'children' there...and that is quite a sad prospect. Our Chief Commander made us sing our lungs out and reminded us to smile for nearly five thousand times. If I had thought that my sore throat couldn't have gotten any worse, I was wrong. I think my smile has also become more sinister now thanks to the fake grins we had to plaster on our faces throughout the rehearsal. But the final verdict is that I had a blast during the rehearsal.

The singing performance is for a dinner tomorrow commemorating my late aunt's first death anniversary. I now have developed fever and a slight cough but I hope that I am rid of the Sick Package soon. Tomorrow also happens to be my first day of work at the college office. I honestly don't know what to expect. I guess nothing.


Olivia NLC said...

work? as a..? :D

Justine said...

Student helper at the program office! Hehe. Or a fancier name for that would be 'admin assistant'. Haha.

andre said...

Hi! Are you Form 2? d:

Justine said...