My Hero(es)

I have come to realize, with utmost chagrin, that I am getting more boring in every sense of the word with each passing day (spent on the World Wide Web). Unfortunately, I cannot think of a remedy for the disorder in which one loses one's personality and sanity due to excessive virtuality. (I hadn't meant for that to rhyme...but it did. Oy.) I concede with great shame that I have been donning my pajamas all day and the most productive things I have done today include reading a book, watching a heartbreaking movie and assassinating a cockroach. And that's about it. Oh dear.

On a less self-pitiful note, I just thought I'd mention a few heroes in my life who I've had the privilege of having since I came into existence. I'm also feeling pretty colorful tonight, so here goes:
1. My father -for always making my heart so full

2. My mother -for being the most influential person in my life

3. My brother -for dutifully playing the role as my big brother

4. My cousin sister -for being the best company as both family and friend in the journey of life

5. My best friend -for nourishing my frequently deprived soul and spirit

6. My English teacher #1 -for teaching me how to read; the greatest verb

7. My English teacher #2 -for teaching me to love books; the greatest noun

8. My Music and Calculus lecturers -for impossibly making me fall more in love with music and Math than I already am

9. My Sunday School teacher -for being the means through which God spoke to/admonished/taught/led/stirred/lifted/comforted me

10. My baby cousin sister -for helping me see that the heart of a child is precious beyond words

11. Past Justine -for making Present Justine, as annoying as she is

12. That someone -for conjuring in me positive thoughts which combat my innate negative thoughts...and triumph

13. SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star -for possessing a friendship unlike any other

14. David Archuleta -for undisclosed reasons (har har)

15. God -for giving me the heroes aforementioned

They all deserve medals of honor and capes of greatness. And still, that wouldn't suffice.


Kiki said...

Spongebob rulez! Of all colours, why cyan? Some special code?

Justine said...

All hail SpongeBob!!! Hahaha. Special code? Oh, no no. Hehe. Am just really fascinated with the color when I first stumbled upon it. :) Cos initially wanted blue highlights. Haha.