The "Mr. Soul Patch" Essay

Soul patch [noun] - The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Any self-respecting stylish male has one.


This post is dedicated to the most unlikeliest of friends I have ever had. ‘Most unlikeliest’ because I hold absolutely no interest in football, am an utter academic wimp and have great difficulties in socializing. He is the exact opposite of everything aforementioned. That being said, he is also jam-packed with a rare combination of talents which I can only dream of possessing. And he is also the kind of friend you would probably never forget –even if you really wanted to– even after fifty years have elapsed. His very presence is just that indelible. And the words that he says and deeds that he commits (though beyond silly to the power of eight hundred and twenty-seven) are almost always unforgettable. So according to my calculations, it would take a space trip to another galaxy to find someone even remotely close to him. Because, thankfully, there is only one of him. And if he ever crosses your path in life, shoot him down. He’ll live.


Serious mode: On.

Shanggar, I am posting this not to make you cringe because trust me, I am cringing way more and am in more pain than you are in. I just decided to post this so that I'll remember what a friend you have been to me when I read this blog entry in the future. And there are some things which I can't ever say aloud outside the virtual world due to my innate incapability. So if you're reading this, read it only once. Then forget all about it right after -except what you need to remember...which are my words of wisdom. Har har har.

You know, I truly believe that you have a ton of potential in you that has been repressed since the dawn of time. Someday, the pent-up potential will be unleashed. And I hope that that someday is approaching soon. Whether you direct an award-winning film, make it to Wikipedia or own an airline company -dreams come in many forms. And the difference between now and the future is that they are dreams now, but realities in the future. And I hope that for you, truly. If not in the forms you mentioned, then in the forms which bear equal if not greater significance in your life.

I say these not to raise your spirits temporarily, but to invest in you permanent motivation and want to better yourself. You worry about the wrong things, spend your time on unnecessary things and are driven by just the most trivial things. But these aren't news to you because you already knew that. So I hope with all my heart that you will remove the biggest obstacle that's standing in your way right now: yourself. Figure that out. Then let me know what it means. Ha-ha. Just kidding.

I don't give up on you because I am looking forward to the day when you bask in the glory of your accomplishments. And it will come. And when it does, I think I will be more overjoyed over your achievements than I ever will over my own. But no pressure whatsoever. Unless this serves to motivate you to be the change you need and want to be, then yes, I am pressuring you! Big-time.


Serious mode: Off...indefinitely.

You? Self-respecting stylish male??? Pshaw.

P/S: It didn't take me long to think of truly nice things to say about you. I must have lost my marbles.

PP/S: The first draft of this post was brimming with sarcasm. I toned it down several notches and this is the end product. You must be very touched. But please don't cry.

PPP/S: I actually have a million other things to say to you. But this essay is becoming too deadly to the eyes.


Ikitron said...

Ikhsan likes this x 10

Justine said...

Hahaha. Thanks. :)

Olivia NLC said...

HAHA i like this! *like*

Justine said...

Hehe, thanks! :D