The Mall

Today, I saw a little girl at the mall who reminded me of myself. She was struggling so hard to dislodge one trolley from the other but to no avail because the trolleys were both stronger and bigger than her. After staring at her daughter for the longest time, her father finally came to the rescue. As she pushed the humongous trolley ahead of her with glee, she reached out for her father's hand. But her father's immediate reaction was to pull his hand away. Her father does not remind me of my father.

Besides observing a little girl push a trolley, I went to the mall to get a new pair of slippers since my current 4-ish-year-old one is about to cease functioning. It took me all of two minutes to select a new pair at the footwear shop. Before payment though, my mother asked me to try a few pairs of ladies' shoes which made me gag and cringe big-time. It was like living a shoe nightmare. Hopefully, I will not remain this way forever. Because I am sure my parents would start to wonder if they did anything wrong when raising me up. Ha-ha! (Just kidding, mom, if you're reading this. I will change. And I will start to appreciate the beauty of the most uncomfortable shoes..hopefully. Someday. In the distant future.)

In other news, it feels highly strange to have a completely blank to-do list...now that I've grown accustomed to writing one everyday -no thanks to college. The only item I can think of writing in my to-do list would be to think of items to write in my to-do list. Oy.

P/S: Ingenious post title, no? No.

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