Life on the Lifeless Lane

Today, I spent the better half of my day over at Tumblr and eventually reblogged a ridiculous total of 79 posts -in just one day. I suppose my virtual insanity has reached new heights yet again. Facebook probably got a little envious considering the amount of attention I was giving Tumblr today and is now refusing to allow me to do anything virtually possible. I have been trying to deactivate my account -and then reactivating it later on- for the past hour but to no avail. I am now experiencing Internet frustration at its worst. Woe is me.

Operation Damage Hair also appears to be a no-go at this point in time. It is becoming very apparent that hair salons in this country do not have cyan. Again, woe is me.

The only highlight -pun intended- of my day was dinner with my family and some family friends. Throughout dinner, my brother kept me from lapsing into utter ennui by enlightening me on how mosquito bites are secretly rewarding and attempting to hurt me by flicking his finger at me multiple times.

I also finished a storybook today, at long last! I am now reading a book featuring a fortune-telling origami yoda probably written for readers aged nine and below. Nifty stuff.

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