Hair (blogpost)

I have been wanting to blog for days now but the blogging juices just aren't flowing. Aiyaya. There hasn't been anything to shout about regarding work. I have lost count of the number of times I have contemplated on quitting. The thought pervades my mind every morning when the alarm clock rings, and on an hourly basis during work. But if I am not complaining about work, I would most definitely be complaining about the boredom I am facing at home. So I better stop complaining right about now before I make this post uncooler than it already is.

In other news, I have been having loads of leisure time when I get back from work everyday and so I have been able to patch up my estranged relationship with my storybooks. I have also been extremely busy doing nothing online every night and I am not proud of that whatsoever. The World Wide Web, albeit indispensable, is undoubtedly holding me on an invisible leash. Oy.

And in an effort to bring the coolness back to this post, I have realized for the umpteenth time how immensely rad my parents are. I say this because the both of them reacted in the awesomest way possible when I told them I wanted to highlight my hair cyan. While my mother was all for it, my father suggested I highlight it yellow instead and proceeded to give me a terse (and painful) lecture on how I should have a wardrobe makeover. I weep. Internally.

And thus begins my quest to hunt for a hair place which has cyan hair highlight color in stock. I have inquired at two hair salons at the mall today but to no avail. The only information I got from a lady was the fact that I have to bleach my hair white multiple times before I can get it highlighted. I am feeling pretty queasy now.

P/S: I don't usually like talking about hair; especially my own hair. So no more posts about hair until something interesting happens to it. Like the end result of Operation Damage Hair. Or maybe how it got burned.


Kiki said...

You're gonna dye your hair?! I wanna see the results!

Justine said...

Highlight my hair. :) But I'm having trouble looking for a hair salon with the shade I want though... Aiyaya!