College Trip

It is a little over 1AM now and my ride to the airport will be coming a little over 4AM. Since I have been sleeping no earlier than 3AM throughout the week, I am not exactly sure if I should sleep or not...or if my body will allow it or not. Aiyaya.

This long-awaited trip to the neighboring country with great college friends was planned eons ago and it has finally come to fruition, at long last. I am looking forward to this trip a great deal because it had always been a form of motivation throughout the semester. I only wished a couple of equally great people were able to join us. But no matter, good times are nigh. And bookstores, here I come.

In other related news, my mother has also left for a little sojourn with good friends. So I hope my father and brother would be able to survive without the both of us for a couple of days. My father, I am not worried for. My brother...I am deeply worried for. I just hope he is able to perform the very complex tasks my mother and I are always doing on his behalf -like brewing tea and turning on the air-conditioner (in his room). On second thought, I had better impart some words of wisdom to him now. Oh boy.

T - 6 hours and 2 minutes until take-off. Yeah man.

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