Cheeks In Pain

Yesterday...was a day for the books. Many extraordinary and wonderfully ordinary things happened which just about made my entire semester. So this post will be brought to you in many parts:

Part One: I made my return to the land of Facebook. It was an indescribable moment; seeing familiar names in blue all over the page and the glorious Facebook features I had missed so dearly. I cried virtual tears of joy.

Part Two: Had a much-needed chat with a dear friend in college to gain closure on certain things which have happened throughout the semesters. It has been a while since I last had a raw and honest conversation with a friend over a tremendously boring subject: myself. Psh. But I am immensely glad that things weren't left unsaid. I owe said friend a great deal. P/S: No waterworks were involved...at least not on my part. Har har.

Part Three: The farewell party was held on the twelfth floor to mark the end of the ADP journey there...and the continuation of it at the building across the road. The lecturer I had sat next to kept asking if I was going to start bawling since this was my last semester. I think she was rather disappointed that I didn't shed a tear. I tried. I really did. But I failed. My bad.

Part Four: Got the biggest surprise of my adolescence when a good friend diabolically led me to the Calculus classroom wherein the most amazing faces greeted me. A gigantic SpongeBob SquarePants was one of those faces. There was also a gigantic farewell card complementing it. And, unfortunately, far too many cameras. I was so shocked that I think my heart stopped beating for a few nanoseconds. Then I was confused because I couldn't comprehend the reason for the situation. And then, finally, I was so touched and overwhelmed that words of appreciation couldn't formulate in my mind. I smiled so much that my cheeks began to hurt. My gratitude was beyond the English language. It still is. Thank you, guys. Bob the Big Sponge will always remind me of you folks...despite that being quite a horrific prospect. Ha-ha, just kidding! Thank you, truly.

Part Five: Post-Scare-Justine-with-an-unexpectedly-huge-yellow-sponge-gathering, we left for the mall to catch a movie which just got released yesterday itself. So we had the decent experience of sitting in the first row of the cinema which wasn't half as physically painful as I had expected. The movie made all the neck-craning entirely worth it. Post-movie, we left for dinner at a steamboat restaurant. Since there were three other people besides me who didn't/couldn't/was too lazy to eat steamboat, the four of us went for dinner at another restaurant, wherein I was forced to order eggs against my own will. We eventually left the place about thirty minutes before midnight and I got home thirty minutes after midnight with the widest smile in my head -my cheeks had still hurt- and the warmest feeling in my heart -pardon the cheesiness- because of the great time I had had with the best company one could have on the last day of anything. To say that I had an amazing day would be an understatement. I had a gob-smackingly, earth-shatteringly, mind-blowingly, SpongeBob-explodingly brilliant day.

Part Six: In the midst of all the goodness and joy, I thank my family for doing the almost unnoticeable behind-the-scenes work to make my every day the best; my cousin sister for having me in her thoughts and rejoicing with me; my best friend for keeping me in prayer and lifting my soul and; my Father in heaven for seeing me through both the good and bad times, and making sure that I always come out stronger than before, and handing me spiritual tools I direly need everyday, and blessing me with phenomenal people from every angle of my life, and putting a comforting hand on my shoulder to assure me that my future has been written out long before I could comprehend the meaning of the word 'future', and, quite literally, a million other things He has so abundantly and lovingly done for my unworthy sake. Thank You.

Part Seven: Today, I spent many hours of my life on Facebook and on cleaning up my paper-filled room. Today, I had the fastest shower and the longest change ever; I discovered that frantically rushing to wear your shirt only makes it all the more impossible to do so. Oy. Today, I hung out with two dearly missed high school friends and had an amazing time catching up with both of them. Today, I downloaded Skype, several months after my mother had. Today, I had Japanese for dinner. Today, my cheek muscles healed; though I laughed numerous times, too. Today, I thought what an incredible day every day seems to be.

The SpongeBob Madness: Here to haunt me for every single day of the rest of my life. And, somehow, I don't have a problem with that.


Ikitron said...

Ok those spongebob things look freaky. I bet soon you will understand my certain 'allergy' to that thing :D

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful post indeed

P.S Part Two correction: P/S No waterworks were involved...at least on BOTH parts -.-

PP.S I still think that pic which was done with photoshop for your World Religions cover was the worst =) Hope that answers your previous question xD

andre said...

I have to say your incognito above PHALED and miserably HAHAHAHA :D

Spongebob shirt! :D HEHE

Justine said...

What Andre said! Fale betul!

Anonymous said...

so many spongebobbbbb!!! aaaaahh!! my eyessss!! Lol! soo yellloooowwww :D


Olivia NLC said...

i didn't know your spongebob collection is SO BIG!! okay i'm starting to get scared now O_O

Justine said...

Suk Yeen, HAHAHA, that is the purpose! :P Hey, thanks for dropping a comment! :D

Olivia, hehehe, there are some other SpongeBob stuff which I forgot to add to the family portrait! Be afraid...be VERY afraid!!! :P