Today, I did something Past Justine probably wouldn't have approved of...but Future Justine would gleefully advocate. I had cyan hair extensions. YEAH MAN!

Hair people with spidey hands.


My Hero(es)

I have come to realize, with utmost chagrin, that I am getting more boring in every sense of the word with each passing day (spent on the World Wide Web). Unfortunately, I cannot think of a remedy for the disorder in which one loses one's personality and sanity due to excessive virtuality. (I hadn't meant for that to rhyme...but it did. Oy.) I concede with great shame that I have been donning my pajamas all day and the most productive things I have done today include reading a book, watching a heartbreaking movie and assassinating a cockroach. And that's about it. Oh dear.

On a less self-pitiful note, I just thought I'd mention a few heroes in my life who I've had the privilege of having since I came into existence. I'm also feeling pretty colorful tonight, so here goes:
1. My father -for always making my heart so full

2. My mother -for being the most influential person in my life

3. My brother -for dutifully playing the role as my big brother

4. My cousin sister -for being the best company as both family and friend in the journey of life

5. My best friend -for nourishing my frequently deprived soul and spirit

6. My English teacher #1 -for teaching me how to read; the greatest verb

7. My English teacher #2 -for teaching me to love books; the greatest noun

8. My Music and Calculus lecturers -for impossibly making me fall more in love with music and Math than I already am

9. My Sunday School teacher -for being the means through which God spoke to/admonished/taught/led/stirred/lifted/comforted me

10. My baby cousin sister -for helping me see that the heart of a child is precious beyond words

11. Past Justine -for making Present Justine, as annoying as she is

12. That someone -for conjuring in me positive thoughts which combat my innate negative thoughts...and triumph

13. SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star -for possessing a friendship unlike any other

14. David Archuleta -for undisclosed reasons (har har)

15. God -for giving me the heroes aforementioned

They all deserve medals of honor and capes of greatness. And still, that wouldn't suffice.


Life on the Lifeless Lane

Today, I spent the better half of my day over at Tumblr and eventually reblogged a ridiculous total of 79 posts -in just one day. I suppose my virtual insanity has reached new heights yet again. Facebook probably got a little envious considering the amount of attention I was giving Tumblr today and is now refusing to allow me to do anything virtually possible. I have been trying to deactivate my account -and then reactivating it later on- for the past hour but to no avail. I am now experiencing Internet frustration at its worst. Woe is me.

Operation Damage Hair also appears to be a no-go at this point in time. It is becoming very apparent that hair salons in this country do not have cyan. Again, woe is me.

The only highlight -pun intended- of my day was dinner with my family and some family friends. Throughout dinner, my brother kept me from lapsing into utter ennui by enlightening me on how mosquito bites are secretly rewarding and attempting to hurt me by flicking his finger at me multiple times.

I also finished a storybook today, at long last! I am now reading a book featuring a fortune-telling origami yoda probably written for readers aged nine and below. Nifty stuff.


Hair (blogpost)

I have been wanting to blog for days now but the blogging juices just aren't flowing. Aiyaya. There hasn't been anything to shout about regarding work. I have lost count of the number of times I have contemplated on quitting. The thought pervades my mind every morning when the alarm clock rings, and on an hourly basis during work. But if I am not complaining about work, I would most definitely be complaining about the boredom I am facing at home. So I better stop complaining right about now before I make this post uncooler than it already is.

In other news, I have been having loads of leisure time when I get back from work everyday and so I have been able to patch up my estranged relationship with my storybooks. I have also been extremely busy doing nothing online every night and I am not proud of that whatsoever. The World Wide Web, albeit indispensable, is undoubtedly holding me on an invisible leash. Oy.

And in an effort to bring the coolness back to this post, I have realized for the umpteenth time how immensely rad my parents are. I say this because the both of them reacted in the awesomest way possible when I told them I wanted to highlight my hair cyan. While my mother was all for it, my father suggested I highlight it yellow instead and proceeded to give me a terse (and painful) lecture on how I should have a wardrobe makeover. I weep. Internally.

And thus begins my quest to hunt for a hair place which has cyan hair highlight color in stock. I have inquired at two hair salons at the mall today but to no avail. The only information I got from a lady was the fact that I have to bleach my hair white multiple times before I can get it highlighted. I am feeling pretty queasy now.

P/S: I don't usually like talking about hair; especially my own hair. So no more posts about hair until something interesting happens to it. Like the end result of Operation Damage Hair. Or maybe how it got burned.


Work Woes

Work has been rather...uninteresting. To the core. I have been shredding papers, photocopying papers, cutting papers, gluing papers, folding papers, filing papers, printing papers, punching papers and awaiting instructions on what to do with said papers. Being physically sick in the midst of it all hasn't been enriching the experience either. The highlights of my work thus far are having the most cheerful and laid-back supervisors -but one menacing Hawk breathing down my neck- and catching up with good friends while working. I have come to realize, though not for the first time, that studying life beats working life anytime hands-down. That being said, I am enjoying being off the revision books for a while now. Storybooks are also o'plenty for my reading pleasure.

You have now reached the abrupt end of this very interesting post.

P/S: I blame work.


Singing in Pain

Today was a highly interesting day. After church, my parents took me to the clubhouse for the rehearsal of a singing performance with my cousins and many other kids who were half my age. The thirteen-year-old girl who was positioned beside me had thought that my cousin sister and I were sisters and, to my amazement, thirteen-year-olds as well. When I told her that we were both turning nineteen, she had the most shocking expression on her face and somehow, that pleases me. Ha-ha. She also kept asking the both of us a myriad of questions about ourselves. Her curiosity was incredible and unending. She is a cool thirteen-year-old.

Although my cousin sister and I were the oldest there, we were not necessarily the tallest 'children' there...and that is quite a sad prospect. Our Chief Commander made us sing our lungs out and reminded us to smile for nearly five thousand times. If I had thought that my sore throat couldn't have gotten any worse, I was wrong. I think my smile has also become more sinister now thanks to the fake grins we had to plaster on our faces throughout the rehearsal. But the final verdict is that I had a blast during the rehearsal.

The singing performance is for a dinner tomorrow commemorating my late aunt's first death anniversary. I now have developed fever and a slight cough but I hope that I am rid of the Sick Package soon. Tomorrow also happens to be my first day of work at the college office. I honestly don't know what to expect. I guess nothing.


Trippin' Trip

Flippin' fantastic. That was what the trip to Singapore was. It was so incredible that I needed two whole days to gather my thoughts on the awesomeness of the country when I got back home. Two major highlights of the place were the Pixar Animation Studios and Universal Studios -both of which took my breath away far too many times. It is quite disbelieving to know that Singapore is located just next door to Malaysia because the stark differences between the two countries in almost everything were both astounding and depressing. Having an unofficial photographer and a tour guide in two friends also made the trip a smooth-sailing one. I don't think the trip could have gone any better, except with the presence of my cousin sister and a few good friends who couldn't join us.

In the midst of the vacation, our college results were released. I honestly can't count the number of times I feverishly tried to log in to the student portal to check if my results were posted or not throughout the trip. When I finally discovered what I got, I apologized to my father for disappointing him. And then he threatened to leave me stranded at the airport when I flew back so I told him I was kidding. I was. All glory to God and only Him. College couldn't have ended on a better note.

The semester break concluded with a bang and I am glad I got to spend it with people who are dear to me. A friend and I are going to be working for the ADP program office from next Monday onwards and I am already feeling lazy just by the thought of it. But I can't think of any other way to spend my time productively.

In other news, Wisconsin still hasn't replied. Yet, hopefully. But my doubts are slowly overthrowing my wavering hope. I am trying to get used to the idea of having to leave in January instead. I have my cousin sister to accomplish a lot of things with, after all. And that brings me comfort.

And in yet another news, I owe my father immense gratitude for making my trip possible in the first place. And for always wanting me to have the best and believing that I am the best in his eyes. (Only in his eyes. And it is also not necessarily true. Oy.) And for the bag of Famous Amos cookies greeting me on the table in my room when I arrived home. And for saying the most hilarious things without even meaning to in the first place. And for conscientiously working hard for the family when all my brother and I do is sleep, eat, use the laptop, sleep and sleep some more. And for keeping the house as it is when both my mother and I were away. And for being a selfless father through and through. In my eyes and the eyes of others. He rocks; alongside my mother, who also rocks and kicks butt. Praise God for these two guardians on Earth. And my brother. Who kicks dust. Pfft.


College Trip

It is a little over 1AM now and my ride to the airport will be coming a little over 4AM. Since I have been sleeping no earlier than 3AM throughout the week, I am not exactly sure if I should sleep or not...or if my body will allow it or not. Aiyaya.

This long-awaited trip to the neighboring country with great college friends was planned eons ago and it has finally come to fruition, at long last. I am looking forward to this trip a great deal because it had always been a form of motivation throughout the semester. I only wished a couple of equally great people were able to join us. But no matter, good times are nigh. And bookstores, here I come.

In other related news, my mother has also left for a little sojourn with good friends. So I hope my father and brother would be able to survive without the both of us for a couple of days. My father, I am not worried for. My brother...I am deeply worried for. I just hope he is able to perform the very complex tasks my mother and I are always doing on his behalf -like brewing tea and turning on the air-conditioner (in his room). On second thought, I had better impart some words of wisdom to him now. Oh boy.

T - 6 hours and 2 minutes until take-off. Yeah man.


My Saving Grace

To the woman who refused to answer my relentless question of who she loved more between my brother and me (boo my 5-ish-year-old self!)...

To the woman who kept a cane at four different areas in the house many years ago...and caned me whenever I told a lie...

To the woman who never asked what my test results were because she trusted me enough to be at complete peace with what I deserved; be it good or bad...

To the woman who had Facebook and Skype long before I did...

To the woman who loved me enough to force me to eat all the vegetables on my plate since I was able to chew until this very day...

To the woman who drove me and my friends for a late-night movie in the midst of a very important exam to let us have a bit of a break...and drove us around many other times for great outings...

To the woman who gets genuinely as excited as I am with anything related to David Archuleta...and bought fourteen copies of his Christmas album to bless friends and family...

To the woman who was never nonplussed in the least bit nor showed any sign of sympathy when I lamented and kvetched about my college woes because she knew I always had the Man Upstairs by my side...

To the woman who forwarded an insane amount of emails regarding what I should or shouldn't eat, what I should or shouldn't do in the event of a theft, what I should or shouldn't do when traveling alone, what I should or shouldn't do -you get the picture- for my safety and nothing else...well, maybe for the relief of her paranoia...

To the woman who always had a headache trying to figure out what to get for lunch and dinner because I was -and still am- a very fastidious eater...

To the woman whom the majority of my friends refer to as cool and hip...

To the woman who ages gracefully every day and always looks like a superstar...

To the woman who did nothing short of a fantastic job raising my brother and yours truly...

To the woman who is my number one fan, friend on Facebook and follower on Twitter, Tumblr and this blog (oy)...

To the woman who taught me honesty, trust, compassion, forgiveness, strength, faith, wisdom, grace and the greatest of them all -the power of God...

To the woman who married my father...

To the woman who is my mother...a very blessed mother's day to you. You deserve all this -and so much more. Thanks for being the rock in the Yeo family.


The Mall

Today, I saw a little girl at the mall who reminded me of myself. She was struggling so hard to dislodge one trolley from the other but to no avail because the trolleys were both stronger and bigger than her. After staring at her daughter for the longest time, her father finally came to the rescue. As she pushed the humongous trolley ahead of her with glee, she reached out for her father's hand. But her father's immediate reaction was to pull his hand away. Her father does not remind me of my father.

Besides observing a little girl push a trolley, I went to the mall to get a new pair of slippers since my current 4-ish-year-old one is about to cease functioning. It took me all of two minutes to select a new pair at the footwear shop. Before payment though, my mother asked me to try a few pairs of ladies' shoes which made me gag and cringe big-time. It was like living a shoe nightmare. Hopefully, I will not remain this way forever. Because I am sure my parents would start to wonder if they did anything wrong when raising me up. Ha-ha! (Just kidding, mom, if you're reading this. I will change. And I will start to appreciate the beauty of the most uncomfortable shoes..hopefully. Someday. In the distant future.)

In other news, it feels highly strange to have a completely blank to-do list...now that I've grown accustomed to writing one everyday -no thanks to college. The only item I can think of writing in my to-do list would be to think of items to write in my to-do list. Oy.

P/S: Ingenious post title, no? No.


Busy Like No Other

Today was a pretty eventful day. I joined/liked 53 epic pages on Facebook, met someone who lives two minutes down the street from me at a location thirty minutes from where we both live, logged in to Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook, uttered "I'm Justin...with an 'e'" at least five times, watched a movie on the laptop, logged in to Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook, napped in the evening, ate fruits, tried to look busy, logged in to Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook, ate noodles, saw my brother for a total of thirty seconds all day, heard him move around the house longer than that and dreamed about being a janitor at Disneyland.

Today's level-o'-productivity: 0.07/10


Awesome Face

Today, I met up with my cousin sister for lunch; along with her family, my mother and my aunt. Since many ages have passed since I last saw her, I apprised her of what has happened in my life so far and realized that too much has happened. So I had to resort to speed-talking and a little bit of telepathy while we scarfed down good food. Her exams are approaching and in the meantime, I shall conjure a list of things we should do before we head to opposite ends of the globe. Her idea. And boy am I all for it!

On another note, the week has gone from strange to insanely strange. I think it's a direct effect of being overly productive to shockingly unproductive in such an abrupt manner. If I don't do something worthy of my time soon, I am going to do something drastic. Like read a textbook. Oy.

On yet another note, I have literally more than fifty unread storybooks, several unwatched movies, a few emails to reply, two SpongeBob SquarePants computer games to explore and an egg to fry. So really, the complaints above are invalid.

“When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead… True story!” —Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother


Holiday Mode: Kinda On

The holidays have kicked off to a really odd start. Been playing computer games, cleaning up my room, hanging out with friends, watching good (and bad) movies, spending way too much time on the laptop, working on my résumé, getting hyped up for the Singapore trip with friends, being as unproductive as ever and the like. The odd part about it is that amidst all the good times I am having, there is a lingering and perpetual sadness somewhere in the back of my head. Which is not cool. At all.

I think it may be due to my very messed-up biological clock. Or the fact that too much free time never boded well with me. Oy.


The "Mr. Soul Patch" Essay

Soul patch [noun] - The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Any self-respecting stylish male has one.


This post is dedicated to the most unlikeliest of friends I have ever had. ‘Most unlikeliest’ because I hold absolutely no interest in football, am an utter academic wimp and have great difficulties in socializing. He is the exact opposite of everything aforementioned. That being said, he is also jam-packed with a rare combination of talents which I can only dream of possessing. And he is also the kind of friend you would probably never forget –even if you really wanted to– even after fifty years have elapsed. His very presence is just that indelible. And the words that he says and deeds that he commits (though beyond silly to the power of eight hundred and twenty-seven) are almost always unforgettable. So according to my calculations, it would take a space trip to another galaxy to find someone even remotely close to him. Because, thankfully, there is only one of him. And if he ever crosses your path in life, shoot him down. He’ll live.


Serious mode: On.

Shanggar, I am posting this not to make you cringe because trust me, I am cringing way more and am in more pain than you are in. I just decided to post this so that I'll remember what a friend you have been to me when I read this blog entry in the future. And there are some things which I can't ever say aloud outside the virtual world due to my innate incapability. So if you're reading this, read it only once. Then forget all about it right after -except what you need to remember...which are my words of wisdom. Har har har.

You know, I truly believe that you have a ton of potential in you that has been repressed since the dawn of time. Someday, the pent-up potential will be unleashed. And I hope that that someday is approaching soon. Whether you direct an award-winning film, make it to Wikipedia or own an airline company -dreams come in many forms. And the difference between now and the future is that they are dreams now, but realities in the future. And I hope that for you, truly. If not in the forms you mentioned, then in the forms which bear equal if not greater significance in your life.

I say these not to raise your spirits temporarily, but to invest in you permanent motivation and want to better yourself. You worry about the wrong things, spend your time on unnecessary things and are driven by just the most trivial things. But these aren't news to you because you already knew that. So I hope with all my heart that you will remove the biggest obstacle that's standing in your way right now: yourself. Figure that out. Then let me know what it means. Ha-ha. Just kidding.

I don't give up on you because I am looking forward to the day when you bask in the glory of your accomplishments. And it will come. And when it does, I think I will be more overjoyed over your achievements than I ever will over my own. But no pressure whatsoever. Unless this serves to motivate you to be the change you need and want to be, then yes, I am pressuring you! Big-time.


Serious mode: Off...indefinitely.

You? Self-respecting stylish male??? Pshaw.

P/S: It didn't take me long to think of truly nice things to say about you. I must have lost my marbles.

PP/S: The first draft of this post was brimming with sarcasm. I toned it down several notches and this is the end product. You must be very touched. But please don't cry.

PPP/S: I actually have a million other things to say to you. But this essay is becoming too deadly to the eyes.


Cheeks In Pain

Yesterday...was a day for the books. Many extraordinary and wonderfully ordinary things happened which just about made my entire semester. So this post will be brought to you in many parts:

Part One: I made my return to the land of Facebook. It was an indescribable moment; seeing familiar names in blue all over the page and the glorious Facebook features I had missed so dearly. I cried virtual tears of joy.

Part Two: Had a much-needed chat with a dear friend in college to gain closure on certain things which have happened throughout the semesters. It has been a while since I last had a raw and honest conversation with a friend over a tremendously boring subject: myself. Psh. But I am immensely glad that things weren't left unsaid. I owe said friend a great deal. P/S: No waterworks were involved...at least not on my part. Har har.

Part Three: The farewell party was held on the twelfth floor to mark the end of the ADP journey there...and the continuation of it at the building across the road. The lecturer I had sat next to kept asking if I was going to start bawling since this was my last semester. I think she was rather disappointed that I didn't shed a tear. I tried. I really did. But I failed. My bad.

Part Four: Got the biggest surprise of my adolescence when a good friend diabolically led me to the Calculus classroom wherein the most amazing faces greeted me. A gigantic SpongeBob SquarePants was one of those faces. There was also a gigantic farewell card complementing it. And, unfortunately, far too many cameras. I was so shocked that I think my heart stopped beating for a few nanoseconds. Then I was confused because I couldn't comprehend the reason for the situation. And then, finally, I was so touched and overwhelmed that words of appreciation couldn't formulate in my mind. I smiled so much that my cheeks began to hurt. My gratitude was beyond the English language. It still is. Thank you, guys. Bob the Big Sponge will always remind me of you folks...despite that being quite a horrific prospect. Ha-ha, just kidding! Thank you, truly.

Part Five: Post-Scare-Justine-with-an-unexpectedly-huge-yellow-sponge-gathering, we left for the mall to catch a movie which just got released yesterday itself. So we had the decent experience of sitting in the first row of the cinema which wasn't half as physically painful as I had expected. The movie made all the neck-craning entirely worth it. Post-movie, we left for dinner at a steamboat restaurant. Since there were three other people besides me who didn't/couldn't/was too lazy to eat steamboat, the four of us went for dinner at another restaurant, wherein I was forced to order eggs against my own will. We eventually left the place about thirty minutes before midnight and I got home thirty minutes after midnight with the widest smile in my head -my cheeks had still hurt- and the warmest feeling in my heart -pardon the cheesiness- because of the great time I had had with the best company one could have on the last day of anything. To say that I had an amazing day would be an understatement. I had a gob-smackingly, earth-shatteringly, mind-blowingly, SpongeBob-explodingly brilliant day.

Part Six: In the midst of all the goodness and joy, I thank my family for doing the almost unnoticeable behind-the-scenes work to make my every day the best; my cousin sister for having me in her thoughts and rejoicing with me; my best friend for keeping me in prayer and lifting my soul and; my Father in heaven for seeing me through both the good and bad times, and making sure that I always come out stronger than before, and handing me spiritual tools I direly need everyday, and blessing me with phenomenal people from every angle of my life, and putting a comforting hand on my shoulder to assure me that my future has been written out long before I could comprehend the meaning of the word 'future', and, quite literally, a million other things He has so abundantly and lovingly done for my unworthy sake. Thank You.

Part Seven: Today, I spent many hours of my life on Facebook and on cleaning up my paper-filled room. Today, I had the fastest shower and the longest change ever; I discovered that frantically rushing to wear your shirt only makes it all the more impossible to do so. Oy. Today, I hung out with two dearly missed high school friends and had an amazing time catching up with both of them. Today, I downloaded Skype, several months after my mother had. Today, I had Japanese for dinner. Today, my cheek muscles healed; though I laughed numerous times, too. Today, I thought what an incredible day every day seems to be.

The SpongeBob Madness: Here to haunt me for every single day of the rest of my life. And, somehow, I don't have a problem with that.