To Be Blessed…

…is to be able to complain about the extreme heat during the weekend-stay at the village in Pahang when the villagers live through it each and every other day.

…is to see how the native children share and play with the one broken toy truck and realize that they may experience mirth I do not even know of.

…is to have the opportunity to ride on a 45-minute boat ride on a promising morning…and a 15-minute ride on the back of a speeding 4WD. The generated ear-splitting breeze brought me to the closest of my dreams: flying.

…is to think that everything is going to fall apart the night before an immensely huge and crucial group presentation only to perform the very best and get recognized for it as a group. No words can describe the euphoric joy we all shared.

…is to fear the absolute worst when man power, talent and great ideas are scarce but in turn get double the reward from the best of friends.

…is to come home to a glorious SpongeBob SquarePants weekly calendar my cousin sisters thoughtfully got for me during their holiday.

…is to nearly get into (minor) accidents on the road but never actually do.

…is to receive a text message from the best friend abroad asking me how I am doing in the midst of chaos. It made my entire week.

…is to mindlessly tell a friend that I like chocolate chip cookies only to receive a chocolate chip cookie from said friend an hour later.

…is to have friends who are optimistic for you and tell you that everything really is going to be okay…and friends who yell at you to surface the best of you.

…is to set up the props on a crunch-time and have the office lady stay back for us even though her work time was long over.

…is to walk to the room, the morning of the presentation, in trepidation and hoping with every fiber of my being that all the props are still securely hung up and in place…and see that the image in my head has become a reality.

…is to obtain the help of selfless friends who are uninvolved in the work that I have to get done.

…is to see friends who don’t know each other gladly assist and care for each other…and then become friends instead of strangers.

…is to have the seemingly worst week of the semester only to have the best Friday of the semester.

…is to have equally stressed-out friends telling me not to stress out.

…is to be on the verge of breaking down due to one trivial reason but having no option of giving up due to many grave reasons.

…is to know without a doubt that all ambitious plans are going to fail…but be blissfully proven wrong.

…is to have family who tolerates my mood swings and impatience after an exhaustingly long day in college.

…is to be relieved, recharged, proud, thankful, crazed and over the moon at the same time…and to be fearful and fearless at the same time.

…is to coincidentally have ice-cream in the fridge when I need ice-cream.

…is to grin until my jaws hurt…and to have to suppress the smiles threatening to form on my lips.

…is to be able to see God’s precious hands at work with every delicate strand of my life.

…is to lead the life I am living.

I am greatly and wonderfully blessed.


Olivia NLC said...

you never fail to see the best in every situation you are in (: that, is something i have to learn from you.

Ikitron said...

Awesome post! xD

Justine said...

Olivia, hehe, I am quite the pessimist. Proof: The evening before our WREL presentation when we were hanging up the papers and setting up the props...the first thing I said was, "OK. If everything falls tomorrow morning, plan B is we head to the room on the 11th floor which I booked!" And everyone just stared at me. Aiyaya. I TRY to see the best in every situation. Fail at times, succeed at times. =)

Ikhsan, thank you (for the sarcasm)! :D

Ikitron said...

Sarcasm my foot! -.-