Today was both a blissful and somber day. A friend and I went around giving out thank-you cards to the lecturers we owe our unending gratitude to and one lecturer in particular, our World Religion lecturer, completely made our day by giving us little books he had written; despite knowing us the least. I knew how amazing he had always been...but man, his awesomeness just increased ten-folds when we spoke to and thanked him. I had initially contemplated on whether I should give the card to him since he doesn't know me by name. And by the way he is during class lectures, I had thought that he would have pegged the thank-you card as being too cheesy. But boy was I wrong. And I am tripping with glee over the fact that I decided to give him the thank-you card in the end. He is amazing both in and out of class.

After that, I had the last tutoring session ever with the aforementioned friend and waves of relief came crashing down on me the minute we ended it. And after that, we went to the main campus to check out the ECA (Extra-curricular Activities) Day event and support friends who were part of the Science Society. Much to my chagrin, I discovered a little too late that there was a Reader's Club. As much as I wanted to join the club, it was pointless because tomorrow is my last day of college classes.

Evening came and I decided to stick around in college since I had nothing to do back home and my to-do list no longer has anything college-related -besides studying for finals next week but that's besides the point. Then I watched several friends play the piano and began to regret giving up on playing the piano eight years ago. The piece of furniture a.k.a. piano in the house is going to be put to use again...someday.

On a tragic note, today has been pretty emotional for a couple of people -me inclusive though I did not participate in the waterworks. It is going to be difficult leaving college now that it is the absolute end for me. But I forbid myself from getting (too) upset because the next chapter is about to be opened. And that is reason enough to rejoice.

I dread tomorrow. It will be overwhelming, as much as I don't want it to be. Oy.

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