The Number Five

Five significant things happened today.

Thing One: I woke up to birds chirping and dogs barking and figured that today was going to be a glorious day. It was.

Thing Two: I was blessed by an incredible message in church! The message's focus was on mountains, bag packs and unnecessary stones (in said bag packs). If you genuinely want to know more, ask me and I will gladly share. My bag pack feels slightly lighter after today.

Thing Three: I ate three mamons -one for breakfast and two for dinner. I had also eaten one for dinner last night. There is one more left...possibly for breakfast tomorrow. Mamons are as delicious as they are fluffy.

Thing Four: I finished my revision for my Sociology finals a few hours behind schedule because I kept stalling before getting started on that one chapter which I loathe. The chapter turned out pretty alright after actually reading it. I am not surprised. This happens almost every time. My bad. As I type this, the Sociology facts are bursting to get out of my diminutive memory. I do not know what the combination of Microeconomics and Sociology facts will turn out to be like. (I have both papers on the same day.) But I am fearing the worst.

Thing Five: I replied my best friend's email with pictures of college events this time. It was a great way to relieve myself of the non-existent stress I claim to have.

Thing Five and a Half: This post initially had five parts but I found some pretty interesting facts about the number five which should warrant it's own half-part in this post.

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