The Need for More Brain Space

The last and final paper tomorrow: World Religion. I still have a few hundred pages or so to cover and -someone save me- memorize. I, for one, absolutely loathe memorizing. This subject, however, is all about memorizing. Funny how I only realized that a day before the final paper. I am posting this on a whim because I have to get back to the massively annoying textbook and wonder for the billionth time why there are so many religions in the world today! Why can't we all just get along...? I am so very sad. (Not really. Just freaking out over the high possibility of the paper going awry for me!)

I will be posting tomorrow after liberation has been obtained...hopefully in a less nutty state. Facebook went from calling for my name to screeching it every five seconds now at a mind-blowingly high volume. Mind-blowing because my mind is about to explode. So I am also in mental agony! From two very separate issues. Just not cool.

So long and farewell. For now.


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