The Lovely End

Today was a good last day of college. Spent a great amount of time with amazing people throughout the day. Feeling thankful on so many levels. Rest assured that a thank you post may be in the virtual pipeline. Unfortunately, I am now emotionally, mentally and physically drained. Tomorrow will be another good day spent with a special group of people. 'Special' because we all adore the same special artist.

And I hope you didn't roll your eyes when you read the last line because that is a fact I absolutely believe in. Ha-ha. No, really.

Until tomorrow.

P/S: To the friends who produced a lot of waterworks, there is always reason to rejoice. The end of something is tantamount to the start of something else -which will be equally good or even better. So don't be upset! Life is too amazing to be upset over anything for too long. At least, that's what I think. Heh.


Anonymous said...

waterworks can be a form of rejoice kay! you've grown mean!
and i did rolled my eyes!
(kettle &pot d:)

Justine said...

What's the meaning of kettle and pot? :X And hey, I thought I became extra nice throughout the weeks??? :'(

HAHAHA, chalk in my (virtual) mouth, hmm? :P