Life on the Busy Lane

If any extraterrestrial being out there is still reading this blog, I deeply apologize for assuming the role of a negligent -or dead- blogger. This semester, although my last, is tougher than all the previous semesters combined and I wish I were kidding but no, I am not. This semester has been so t-u-p-h that I had to resort to go on an Internet fast from Mondays through Thursdays with my Facebook account deactivated until further notice. The only exception saving my virtual sanity is that MSN, Hotmail and other necessary Google research which constitute college work are permitted during the fast.

Since I started to deprive myself of the pleasures of the World Wide Web, a galactically vast number of things have happened. Besides having a whole lot more sleeping time, the following mostly awesome and not-so-awesome events have happened:
1. Lost my pencil case in college. Fretted. Got the necessary new supply of stationery. It was found the next day. Fretted over the unnecessary new supply of stationery.
2. All three storybooks I ordered online from the United Kingdom arrived! Fascinating!
3. Microwaved a bag of popcorn.
4. Participated in the Microeconomics outdoor event -race and cook-off- with cool teammates and cooler high school students. Expected the day to be a bad one from the moment I woke up to the brilliantly shining sun right outside my room window. But it exceeded all of my expectations -in a good way.
5. Came home from college to discover that my admission status at both the universities I have yet to hear replies from has changed from the 'received' stage to the 'reviewing' stage. Got accepted to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities shortly after that. Still waiting in unhealthy anticipation for the University of Wisconsin-Madison to reply.
6. Wrote a cheesy script for the Malaysian Studies project on the Malaysian culture. Horrifically directed it. Tragically compiled the scenes into one single video which was epic on so many awful levels. The little dignity that I had left was saved by a friend who tirelessly re-did the entire video for my group.
7. Had a couple of quizzes, tests, assignments, projects and nightmares here and there.
8. Two more tutoring sessions to go and I am rejoicing! Over the end of it, not so much over the pay.
9. Have been driving to college numerous times now. The novelty of driving has, sadly, worn off. I would rather give up driving for sleep, hands-down, now.
10. Church has been spectacular!
11. Received a text message from my best friend who is abroad and it made my week. I miss her a great deal.
12. Did a whole lot of shopping to get materials for the decoration of my group's World Religion presentation on Religions of the Americas. Feathers, head bands, glow-in-the-dark stars, potpourri and awesomely-made cave drawings (by talented friends) are among them. Face paint, a model teepee, a model bonfire and a chant are on the way.
13. Went for a pre-U.S. and visa briefing in college. I am more stoked for the U.S. of A. now!
14. Paid 24 bucks for a movie with a friend at the Signature cinema. The stress desperately needed to be destressed. No regrets!
15. Toned down my sarcasm. (Not really.) (Not at all, actually.) (Oops.)

And this brings me to today. I will be leaving for a settlement in an unheard of kampong in the state of Pahang tomorrow for the weekend. I would love to intentionally break my wrist to get out of it...but I need my hands to work. And then I thought of my legs...but I also need my legs to work. Especially during pressing college times such as these. I fear the worst. OK, maybe not since the night walk has been canceled off the itinerary and leeches in the dark will not be the death of me. So I fear the next worst thing: leeches in the day.

P/S: If you do not hear from me in the next few days, it may be because leeches have (literally) sucked the life out of me or I am undergoing leech-victims therapy. Or I may be on Internet fast then. Or just plain lazy. Yeah, one of the four.


andre said...

or you were just being sarcastic. yeah, one of the five. :D

Olivia NLC said...

haha nice one andre. feels good to be reading your blog again. your funny blogging mojo never left you :D

elisa. said...

What extraterrestrial? We ain't any E.T!!

just kidding. I had to control from bursting out laughing cuz I'm in college. :D hope to see you soon! (:

The Diary of A Mother said...

congrats on getting accepted at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities !

The Diary of A Mother said...

oops...that's me,christine c (the diary of a mother)

Justine said...


Olivia, hehehe thanks for the overly nice comment! =)

Elisa, hahaha sorry! Thought that if there were still readers of this blog, they would only be people out of this planet. :P I should have added 'and special humans'. Hehe.

Christine!!! So good to see you here! Thank you! :) Visited your mom's blog...which is run by you right? Was wondering for the longest time why 'Diary of a MOTHER?' until I dropped by the blog. Haha.