Lessons Learned

After having read -via blogs- and talked about the end of college way too many times over the past five days, I have grown slightly annoyed with the bugging emotional thought that has hogged my brain on end. That thought is now, without a doubt, crushed. And is replaced with the thought that finals is approaching way too close for comfort and I would be dead meat if I don't get started on my revision...soon.

I am immensely thankful to numerous people who have made college less of a battlefield for me...but those thanks are conveyed and directed to the Man Upstairs everyday in my prayers. Thus, I shall spare this blog from any melancholy for now. Besides, I absolutely miss my kvetching self who loves to complain even when the going is easy. So allow me now to complain about... I got nothing. Yet. Oy.

On a completely (and abruptly) different note, this semester was, hands-down, the most stressful and gut-wrenching one. I was in great distress more so than I was sleeping. This means that apart from living the nightmare during the day, my dreams were constantly haunted by the Predicament o' the Day when I go to bed every night. But with harrowing college ordeals come indispensable life lessons -such as the following:

1. Tutoring Math, especially the kind that involves Business concepts, is more stressful than swimming in an ocean infested with sharks and trying to make it out alive.

2. When you think you are at your absolute worst, you may just amaze yourself by being even worse than your absolute worst. And then pass out -from sheer joy- when you unknowingly turn around and become your absolute best the next moment.

3. You can try to be upset over something all you want...but in the end, an equal amount of happiness over something else prevails. At least, in my case. [Happiness > Sadness]

4. Never underestimate the smart part of the brain, even though the stupid part convinces you that you cannot do it. The stupid part is, after all, stupid. And we all have both parts.

5. Good friends are like life-changing books you want to keep in your bookshelf for as long as you can; even though there may be reprinting of said books...or they have been dog-eared or have an addition of bookworms. (If you do not get the metaphor, do not fret -because neither do I. But I can go on and on about book personifications. Future Justine would get this though.)

6. The piano is a very beautiful object.

7. Apart from the thought of God and my very comfortable bed, the thought of family never fails to bring me comfort and peace.

8. Life does not surprise me in the most unexpected ways...nor does life show me how the worst circumstances are always blessings in disguise. God does.

9. Being proven wrong feels incredible.

10. Thai green curry chicken with rice is simply delicious.

Off to lunch with friends of all ages now!


andre said...

Dear wonderful blogger,
How the heck do you blog so vividly and your memory is probably what i need for my laptop.

Love the amazing post!

Dewd. I love the metaphor. Except for the bookworms. -_-

Justine said...

Haha. Thanks...? :S I don't think it was that vivid considering most of the lessons were learned from the recent weeks! Not exactly throughout the sem cos that would be far too many! =)

Thanks. :)

I've yet to see a real bookworm!!!