The 'Last Week' Effect

Note: Pardon the melodramatic statements in the following post.

Since this is going to be my last week of college classes and I am getting annoyingly disturbed (Read: emotional) by this fact, I have decided to cut myself some slack and get off the blogging fast. This is, after all, the only way I can remember the final days of college.

Today, I had breakfast with all the right people in my college life; including friends who I hadn't been able to catch up with in a long time. The time spent together, though limited, was priceless. It was a great breakfast...especially after the long week all of us barely lived through.

Today, I got slices of cakes for the friends who greatly contributed to the meek success of my group's presentation on tribal religions last Friday. The dude who took my many orders eventually asked why I was getting so many slices of cakes. I told him why. He asked where I was working. I blinked and said that I was still in college -though not for long. He said, "Oh..." And that was that. Such a peculiar conversation.

Today, I decided to stay in college until evening to help a friend out with research work in the littlest way possible. It felt good -being in college for hours. I used to detest staying back in college and always wanted to rush back home. Home is where I would still rather be at any given time, but I don't despise hanging out in college as much now, or anymore.

The 'Last Week' Effect has definitely got everyone overwhelmed lately. Though not all of us would be leaving college, a handful of us are. And it is quite a sad prospect to have. Tomorrow, I would be handing in my clearance form and program completion application. This really is the end of my incredible college road and boy is there a googillian thoughts to ponder upon in the next four days! And also thank-you cards to fill in for the lecturers! And...uh, revision for finals.

P/S: My mother just killed a flying cockroach with her bare hands (and a tissue) the minute I told her, "It flies, you kn-" She rocks.

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Ikitron said...

Woots the blogging sea-foo has returned!!!! xD Welcome back! :D