Cover Page Experiments

Today was a very pleasant day. My Chemistry lecturer finally handed me the recommendation letters she had written for me. I had asked her for it a month ago and sadly, the letters will be safely kept in my Danger: University Application Materials folder in the event that I need them. Since I had four of the same letters and had no use for them (at the moment), I decided to open one of them and read it. It was amusing on so many levels. Because those nice words describe the part of me that does not exist. Oy.

Coincidentally, I discovered today that my father is not only a funny man, but is a funny writer, too. His email about a postponed seafood lunch to his business associate was so hilarious that I was laughing out loud in front of him. And he hadn't the smallest clue what I was laughing over...which made me laugh more. Double oy.

After college, I bought a bunch of thank-you cards for my lecturers. Then I went home and began writing until night suddenly crept up on me. I never realized how time and energy consuming writing kind-of lengthy thank-you cards is...until today, that is. I am now mentally, emotionally and verbally drained. So I had to use what little left of energy I had to complete the three Calculus questions for homework today. And now I am typing this with energy below the blinking Empty level.

In the midst of penning out my thankful thoughts down, I worked on the World Religion documents which need to be printed tomorrow. I also burned the presentation slides and pictures from the presentation set onto a CD for the first time ever. It was a huge success considering my first three failed attempts -due to the scratched surface of the CDs, not my completely incapability...although that could have been it as well. Then, I worked on the part which I had intentionally delayed but couldn't anymore since the rest had been completed: the cover page. Given the amount of artistic talent I possess -which is none- I ended up whipping up something which, according to a friend, looks like the cover of a history textbook, and, according to me, looks like utter rubbish. It was tragically inspired by the encouragement cards people usually paste on the walls of their offices or rooms. (We cringe together.)

After feasting their eyes on the shameless cover page I had done, two friends decided to conjure something, or anything, which would knock mine away from the running of actually being used for the project. The first friend, who was semi-directly involved in this project, came up with two very cool cover pages which shoved mine out of the running the minute Microsoft Word opened the document. The second friend, who was completely uninvolved in this project, graciously (and stubbornly) whipped up a cover page using Photoshop which, of course, won by default. And by awesomeness.

The following is the transition of cover pages from nightmarishly bad to eye-tearingly stupendous:

My first, last and failed attempt: As boring as I am. Cue yawn.

First friend's first attempt.

First friend's second attempt.

Second friend's attempt which spared me from humiliation.

My all-time low energy level has caused the blinking light to not blink at all now. Time for a recharge.

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

Yuck! The one done with photoshop looks ugly!

The first one looks better :O

Justine said...

Haha, no way! I still think the last one looks best! :P

By the way, may I know who you are, if you would be kind enough to let me know? :)