Annihilation Underway

Today, I handed in two major group projects which marked the glorious end of college labor. I never realized how I was still having a steely grip on the stress over the two projects -Sociology and World Religion respectively- until this morning. I couldn't function until I had everything printed, compiled, bound and in the hands of the lecturers. Breakfast lasted all of ten minutes for me before I decided to rush off to get the documents printed at a printing shop instead of the library; where there is only one printer for fifteen students needing to print multiple documents simultaneously.

I now have thirteen thank-you cards to distribute to the lecturers and office ladies who have greatly assisted me throughout my stint in college. College has been a huge pain no thanks to the lecturers and the Beast of College, but college has also been an extraordinary journey all thanks to these people -and, of course, irreplaceable friends.

Speaking of the Beast of College, it is going to go down. The annihilation process is going pretty swell so far and is just about to end soon. Yeah man.

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