The Unknown Plan

Today, I re-initiated my quest to apply to a university by uni-surfing and downloading all the necessary forms and groaning internally with each form downloaded. This particular university happens to be in New York, though not in the city (thank goodness). After receiving replies from Colorado and Nebraska and giving up hope on Minnesota and Wisconsin, I'm back to where I first started off in this painfully tiresome and unending process. I honestly don't know what the future holds for me, but I know who holds my future: God. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to be patient and wait on whatever God's plan is for me. I am still trying.

Last week has been stressful but what else is new? Next week will also be stressful but, again, what else is new? I am just hoping to make it out of this semester alive like I miraculously did with my previous three semesters. And then, if Plan G works out, I will bid my college goodbye.

I am looking forward to church tomorrow, for the first time in too long. Taking the step to attend the new church is turning out to be a very fruitful decision and I hope I will say the same many months from now as well. Plus, my mother will be joining me for the service tomorrow. I'm glad.

On a side note, due to my extreme stress (yeah right), I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account a few nights ago because the distraction from it was proving to be greater than I was willing to admit. And lo and behold, the exact same moment I deactivated it, my brother decided to play one of the Facebook games called Farmville and asked me to get back on to play the game and visit his farm. I had no comment. I will reactivate my Facebook account when I am no longer under extreme stress (again, yeah right) or when my fingers decide to disobey my brain's orders and logs in to the site on their own account; in which case, I would be a victim of my fingers...and am at no fault whatsoever.

On another side note, I ordered three storybooks online last night after my parents succumbed to The Puppy Dog Eyes look. OK, not really. They gave me the green light only because the books were very reasonably priced and shipping to the country was gratis! Nice! The arrival of the glorious books is the one thing I am looking forward to in the coming weeks.

Off to drink tea.


elisa. said...

patutlah saya tak boleh jumpa account kamu di facebook. XD

you deactivated your fb account and I have no msn on my laptop. Hahahaha sangat perfect. :)

elimination of distraction.:P

but at least we still have the phones. how's the re-applying process coming along? no replies from the others yet?

Justine said...

Hahaha. Mana ada 'sangat perfect'? Sangat teruk lah!!! But yes yes, it eliminates distraction and there is still the phone. =)

The re-applying process is crawling at a snail's pace...I am carrying out every step with utmost DREAD! T__T Nope, no replies since Colorado and Nebraska. :)