The Story of Stew Pitt

Today was a good day gone bad, gone even worse, then gone back to good. It was a good day at first because I got up late (which isn't the good part) but got to sleep in a bit more at least (which is the good part). Then it got bad when there was a Calculus quiz, and a much-needed chat with two good friends (which is the good part) but unfortunately, it didn't yield the much-needed results (which is the bad part).

The day culminated at its very worse when my mother got robbed inside the house compound while the auto-gates were closed. Before we even got to open the inner house gates, the perpetrator, appropriately nicknamed Stew Pitt, had climbed over the outer gate in a flash and threatened my mother with a knife. She, despite being panicked and terrified beyond words, managed to ask him what he wanted and told him not to harm her. Thankfully, he took her bag and left. And fortunately for me, he didn't come near me because I had a backpack on instead of a handbag. After that, Stew Pitt went out the same way he came in, hopped onto the bike where his accomplice, Stew Pitt Too, was waiting for him and sped off gracefully into the hot afternoon sun. And after that, my mother became shaken up and slightly disoriented. But I am immensely proud of her for keeping her cool and somewhat taking charge of the situation. Go, mother!

My father came home five minutes after we called him and the barring of all cards ensued. Then, we left for the police station to lodge a report. I absolutely had no idea that lodging a police report could take two eternities or so. I wasn't needed for the most part, except when it came to giving a witness statement. And even then, I proved to be of no use for the photofit even though I got an eyeful of Stew Pitt dead in the face before the crime was even committed. Psh. I also learned that my grasp on the Malay language has declined so unbearably much when I was required to give my statement in said language. It was horrifying trying to get the words out; even my mother did better at it than I did. But the cop-woman who interrogated us was one very gracious yet t-u-p-h lady. Throughout the four hours I was at the police station with my mother, the only things which kept me sane had been my storybook and the dramatically entertaining scenes going on in front of me.

Lessons learnt today:
1. Safety and well-being beats money anytime.
2. Cops (here) are slow to action.
3. When looking at a perpetrator dead in the eye, imprint his/her face features into your mind, as unpleasant as that may seem.
4. Learn martial arts...or nick some guns.
5. My mother is a wonder.
6. Robbing is uncool. Threatening someone is even more uncool.
7. Some people's butts are just meant to be kicked.
8. Good friends don't come by often.
9. Curry is delicious.
10. God is always in control, even when we think we are.


Ikitron said...


P.S Curry is delicious -__________-

Justine said...

It is! I had it for dinner that day! =)