Removing the Cobwebs

It is quite a tragedy that I simply cannot remember the last time I had blogged, although I can gauge that it had been almost if not more than two weeks ago. The temporary deaths of the blogs of several friends also hadn't helped. (Hint hint.) After watching a movie just thirty minutes ago about a main character who blogged daily about her cooking endeavors, it dawned on me that I, in fact, own a blog...in which I blog about my nonsensical endeavors.

A large number of eventful things have happened since and if you would like your eyes to water, attempt reading the following:

In the past two weeks, I had a road-trip to forget, as opposed to remember; drove on the wrong side of the highway; blew bubbles by the beach; got murdered three times in three Mafia games; felt a moment of awesomeness when I worked on a Math problem in lesser steps compared to the textbook answer scheme; got woken up at 3AM to discover that my father got admitted to the hospital; received a considerable amount of scholarship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln but still I am not sure if I should head there; drove through the SMART tunnel on the way back from a movie at KLCC for the first time and I am proud that I did it; had a whole ton of Japanese food; conducted my third tutoring session which went rather alright; broke down in front of my parents which was rather uncool of me to do; locked myself in my room to study for a test and complete part of a research while my two little cousins played outside with my brother; signed up for a virtual stock exchange challenge for a Microeconomics class activity; discovered that said challenge was as comprehensible as Greek to me; got a new book for a lecturer who had been badgering me for two months now and my book is too precious to be in the hands of an authoritative figure; and struggled for survival -still am- in the battlefield known as College.

There you go.

P/S: This literary piece of madness happens to be my 500th post. Yeah man.


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Your first 'obligation' post it seems. Haha xD

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