The Business of π

Today was Pi Day. Coincidentally, I spent a whole lot of time completing my Calculus homework after a great time at church today. I also spent a whole lot of time, though not nearly as much, surfing author's websites to alleviate the dispensable stress that now hogs my brain on a daily basis. I had also spent an insane amount of time feverishly logging in to my temporary student portal at the university sites to check my application status which hasn't so much as blinked since the dawn of time.

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastically dreadful day. I have a truckload of things to do that I had to write a to-do list to put the horrid tasks at hand to paper. Among the list of things to do tomorrow are:
1. Donate blood -if the mini physical check gives me the green light to donate.
2. Join the Mathelogic quiz I didn't want to join but somehow got persuaded into joining.
3. Pre-register for next Summer's courses -in the event that Plan G does not work out.
4. Get down on my knees and beg my lecturer of choice to write me a recommendation letter -even though there is absolutely nothing about me that's worth recommending. Psh.
5. Write the hateful to-do list for the following day.

And the list brimming with menial tasks extends to number sixteen. Brilliant.

I had also written another list entitled "In the Likely Event that the University Does Not Accept Me"; tragic as it sounds. This list, albeit shorter than the To-do List, requires more blood, sweat and sanity. Oh, and many papers sacrificed. I weep a million buckets of tears...for the trees, I mean.


P/S: I was tempted to add "Recite the 22, 514 decimal digits of π" (like this guy did in five hours and nineteen minutes) in the list of things I should or must do in my lifetime on the right panel of this blog...but I would be admitted to an asylum before making it past the 10th digit. So I thought better of it and protected the sanity of Future Justine. Score one for Present Justine. Not.

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