Best to the Worst

A week ago, I made the best decision all week to deactivate my Facebook account. I had never been so productive on a Friday night and Saturday morning...and then came today. I got hooked onto Tumblr and decided to create a new account and...lo and behold, it is the worst decision I have made all month. I unknowingly spent a couple of hours today scouring the world of Tumblr and re-blogging epic pictures + texts on my Tumblr site no thanks to the pure ingenuity and uplifting nature of the pictures + texts I stumble upon. But still. I am not proud of what I did today. Excuse me while I go hang my head in shame.


Olivia NLC said...

HAHAHHAA sorry i'm so mean xD tumblr rocks lahh. i wanted to tag you in a photo that day in fb then remembered you deactivated it ): and i really wish tumblr has the 'like' function cos i want to like SO many of your posts there!

Kiki said...

tumblr? is it nice?

Justine said...

Olivia, thanks!!! Hehe. If you get on Tumblr, you'll never be able to get off the computer, trust me! And considering how much you love and appreciate photographs! :P

Jo Lin, Tumblr is amazing!!! Lots of inspirational and incredible pictures/graphics/texts there! BUT be warned cos it is VERY addictive! :X