Freak Out Mode: On

Yesterday was a very eventful day. I sat in my first Calculus for Business class...and left ten minutes later since the class was too full. And that was about as eventful as the day got...until night came. My parents, uncle, aunt and I left for the city for a very huge family dinner. There, I ate a magic prawn which had cost 35 bucks (per prawn), laughed like I was on happy pills thanks to my fantastically hilarious cousins and simply spent precious time with precious people. The good times I had at the family dinner, not for the first time, were priceless. I finally got home thirty minutes to midnight and the bed screeched my name. I wanted it to shut up and the only way I could do that was by sleeping. I decided that it was the one time I was allowed to ignore my homework. And so I did.

Today was as eventful as yesterday. The Calculus lecturer returned our quiz results and discussed yesterday's homework. I stared at her cluelessly as she wrote cryptic secret codes on the board since I hadn't completed the homework. Yet. Then in Sociology, the lecturer took fifty excruciating minutes to explain the blasted life and times of a dude who inspired a sociological theory listed in the textbook. I think I am now having grave regrets for taking the course. Tragically, the regret has set in a little bit too late. And so the mental torture will continue.

After Sociology, a friend and I sat through ninety minutes of Calculus for Business with the current students who are pursuing the course. Most of what was covered in class by the lecturer were taught back in high school for the Science Stream students. Still...there were some questions which twisted my gut in an unpleasant way because the computations completely escaped me. There was a point during the lesson when the lecturer looked right at me and said, "Sometimes I just feel like pulling my hair out [while teaching these students]." I smiled weakly in return. I felt like doing just that as well, but for a completely different reason. Oy.

Tomorrow will be my first tutoring session for the course. The attendance will be hovering between negative ten to one; one being yours truly. I have been freaking out the whole day and came home to watch a Disney original cartoon to de-stress. I have not planned out anything and I fear the worst. Please excuse me while I go have a panic attack now.

P/S: What do you do when you have too many secrets to carry to the grave? You try your flippin' best to shut up. I am doing so now.


Faiz said...

Justine, chill.
Don't freak out.YET.

andre said...

its not negative ten justine X)

see youre wrong.

Justine said...

Faiz, I can freak out now! Haha.

Andre, I was 99% correct! -_-