Found it highly odd that the one and only student who came for my first tutoring session happened to be a 26-year-old former Japanese math whiz. Huh. Despite fully expecting there to be zero attendance earlier on in the day, I prepared some material for the session anyway. In the end, I barely used half of it because the Awesome Dudette told me exactly what she needed help in, and I inwardly rejoiced. Besides the usual questions pertaining to algebra, she had asked me a question I couldn't answer: "Why do I need to study Calculus for Business?" My only reply had been, "Well...uh...um...err...let's begin!"

Watched two movies at home due to the extreme stress (or extreme laziness, however you view it) which kicked in after I got back from college before noon. After that, I sat down to do nothing. And then I realized that this semester is going to mess up my mind quite a bit thanks to the superbly contrasting courses I have foolishly taken. I will try as best as I can to explain why though I will fail. Sociology is questioning my sanity; World Religion is questioning my existence; Microeconomics is questioning my moolah or rather, lack thereof; Malaysian Studies is questioning my allegiance; and tutoring is questioning my usefulness or rather, lack thereof. So amidst all the madness, Calculus III, sadly, is the only thing keeping me sane. Because it only questions me. Aiyaya.

Arrived in college twenty minutes late thanks to the spectacularly massive jam...and that's saying something given how massive the morning jam is every other day. The day was positively dull until night came. My best friend came to pick a good friend and me up for dinner. Post-dinner, we went slightly wild thanks to the awesome backdrop at the place. Also, it was probably one of the last few times we were able to chill together what with the few of us heading off in different directions soon.

Celebrated a friend's nineteenth birthday at the mall. I was given the green light to drive and so I did. Since the bowling plan, the karaoke plan and the movie plan had to be thwarted for unfortunate reasons, we ended up walking from one end of the mall to the other end of the other interconnected mall several times until we decided to head back to where our college was to unwind. It was a good and fulfilling day since we got to hang out with each other, my cousin sister was able to join in on the fun, the birthday dude lived through something I never would in a million years and I got to drive over a very long distance. The only downside of the day was not being able to see my parents from the moment I got up until the moment I fell asleep. Oy.

Read a book, watched a movie, looked up airfares to Colorado and completed 68.4% of my homework. And submitted my name to be included on a microchip that will be sent to Mars as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission which is scheduled to launch in 2011. As insignificant as that actually is since there are already millions of names on it, I am feeling somewhat awesome.


Faiz said...

I like the Sunday part.
You know bout the chip.

Faiz said...

OMG I did it too!
I am so gonna print the certificate!