T is for Tragedy

Today in Sociology, we had a heated discussion over a non-existent future husband who may or may not like photography and the reasons behind it that may or may not affect a non-existent future marriage. After an hour of groping for understanding and sanity, the topic came to gender inequalities and I had something I really wanted to say. Since the lecturer adopted an interactive teaching method, speaking your mind out was very much encouraged. A few students were speaking their thoughts aloud on the subject as I tried to muster enough courage to open my mouth. After a few minutes, my courage culminated and there were butterflies in my stomach as I opened my mouth to say...nothing. Just as I was about to blurt out my thoughts, a classmate broke in and said exactly what I had intended to say. I don't know why I deflated a bit instead of rejoice like I usually would since I didn't have to speak up.

Post-college, I was on the verge of catching a movie on my own because I desperately needed to sit in front of a humongous screen with deafening speakers under the freezing air-conditioning. Then my obligation as a daughter made me call my mother to tell her about it. Of course, after the call, I wasn't allowed to go watch the movie on my own because it was unsafe. And I was spared from being more of a loser than I already am. Psh. In the end, I went to the mall alone anyway, had Japanese for lunch and tried to make sense of what Sociology is all about via the textbook. Sweet. Pathetically sweet.

When I got home, I slept because for some inexplicable reason, I didn't have homework today. Then I got up and read a book so haunting I think the reader in me is slightly scarred right now. Today was a bit of a tragic day...but no complaints. Because it wasn't even remotely close to how tragic the life of the character of the book was; even if it was fiction. Oy.


Faiz said...

Blogging everyday now huh?
The blogger in you didn't die off afterall.

Hope you're OK.

Justine said...

Hahaha. The blogger in me has never died! She just got too preoccupied with other stuff. But now that she's beyond bored... :P

andre said...

all will be well justine
hope you are fine

Justine said...

Andre, all's good! Thank you. =)