Yesterday, what began as an amazingly glorious day turned into an amazingly screwed-up day by night. This happened because naturally, I pissed a few people off and they reciprocated. Then I had a good night's sleep.

Today, I attended the first PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) training after miraculously being notified about it yesterday by the Head. When I entered the room full of punctual other tutors-to-be, I was promptly hit with a strong gush of smart winds. It was as if I had inadvertently walked in on the meeting of The Nerd Federation. I could hear conversations about universities, their applications and a graph that is beyond my comprehension. I started to feel the insane pressure for no apparent reason whatsoever. Psh. Although I have absolutely nothing against true nerds -since I have been terribly misbranded that honorable title innumerable times- I have never felt more of a loser than I did then. And that is saying something given the amount of loserly things I have been doing lately. When the lecturer-in-charge came in to commence the training session, it morphed into The Nerd Federation Plus One Dimwit. (Me, not the lecturer. Oy.) Two and a half hours later, it ended and I was allowed to inhale back the non-nerd air.

Tomorrow is a day away from the weekend. Yeah man.
And all alcohol makes me want to do is pee. Pathetic. But you're not supposed to be reading this. So if you are, I am very upset with you.


Faiz said...


andre said...

wtf justine -.-
phail. :D

Justine said...

Faiz, happy weekend!

Andre, it's what I do best. And happy weekend, too!