Little People

Today was a peculiar day of sorts. My parents and I left for the mall in the middle of the day and arrived there way past lunch time -though we still hadn't had our lunch. Post-post-lunch, my parents went to shop while I loitered around on my own. I decided to visit the mall's convention center where an education fair was being held. Since I am now pursuing a degree, I didn't seek for any foundation programs. I sought for piloting courses instead. There were only a few aviation/piloting colleges there but they were there, nonetheless. One patronizer-slash-counselor in particular pissed me off when a lady led me to him to inquire about piloting. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to know on behalf of someone else or for myself. I told him I was asking for myself. He stared at me and smirked blatantly. Then I asked him a few questions to distract my flashing "Punch him!" thoughts. He answered my questions tersely. I left with a vivid mental image of him being strapped to the wing of the airborne plane I am going to fly in the future. (OK. Totally kidding here. No, really.)

After that was done, I went to a glorious place called the bookstore. I went to the aisle with books I love reading for about two minutes and spent the rest of my time (about thirty minutes) at the cookbooks section -for undisclosed reasons. Just as I was on the way to the other bookstore at the other end of the other mall, my father texted to say that it was time to go visit my little cousins and grandmother.

There, my grandmother forced me to eat a bunch of biscuits even though I was still stuffed from the late lunch. But I don't recall there was ever a time in (Chinese) history when a grandmother chose to obey her loony granddaughter's request. After that, I sat through a Dora The Explorer movie special with my four-year-old cousin sister. It was fascinating watching a kid's show because I hadn't watched one since...I was a kid. Then it was time to leave. Although I had to get home, my heart just about broke into a million pieces when I bade my baby cousin brother goodbye -and he smiled, toothlessly, in return- and I waved to my cousin sister even as the elevator doors were closing because she didn't stop waving. Woe is me.

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