The Last 10 Days...Again

Jan 9th '10 - Woke up to Boring Day #82746. Was on the verge of cracking under excessive boredom when my best friend called and we went out for tea. Had a much-needed chat about the things that really matter and should matter in our lives. Late at night, my parents took me to a bar-slash-club to celebrate my mother's birthday in advance. Drank something that wasn't water or Coke or tea. Stayed wide awake and completely sane (no sarcasm whatsoever) until 3AM. Oh boy.

Jan 10th '10 - My mother turned a year younger. She is awesome like that.

Jan 11th '10 - First day of college. Woke up at an unearthly hour to get ready since I am now allowed to drive the car to my friend's place before heading to college. Discovered that one of the many projects this semester entails shopping and cooking. Got a huge serving of virtual cooking lessons (and a tablespoon of mockery) from good friends via Twitter. Managed to write another statement essay. (When I say 'write', I mean, copy and paste a portion of another university statement essay with a bit of tweaks here and there. Pshaw.) Two down; one more to go.
My courses for my fourth and final semester.

Jan 12th '10 - Went for an interview for candidates selected by lecturers to be tutors of certain subjects. Mine had been Calculus II. I never got a callback. I didn't have the teaching mojo. Post-college, we visited the four-storied library at the new lakeside campus. It. Is. Flippin'. Awesome!!!

Jan 13th '10 - Highlight of the day: Drank water.

Jan 14th '10 - Gleefully sorted the stack of papers into four piles for the four universities I was about to apply to. Paperwork had never been so rewarding and fulfilling.
A quad of papers.

Jan 15th '10 - Finally, I repeat, finally, I mailed out all my applications via a (very) reliable courier service. The cost for four documents to four different states had been exorbitant but they had to arrive there as soon as possible. It was one of the best days of my teenage life. I bade them a safe flight to the U.S. of A.
Envelopes never looked so good.

Jan 16th '10 - Worked on my final statement essay (which sucked big-time), even though the apps had been mailed out. Obsessively tracked the parcels at the courier site on an hourly basis. Drooled at the Geology Museum in the school in Colorado. Cringed at the food choices on campus. Wondered if I would even get accepted into any university. Moped at the horrific possibility.

Jan 17th '10 - Went for a movie with both my parents for the first time ever. Wished my brother had been there to complement the family but sadly, he was and still is away.

Jan 18th '10 - Two packages have now arrived in Colorado and Wisconsin respectively. The other two are still making their way to Minnesota and Nebraska. I pray they arrive safely.

P/S: Credits to my Twitter account for helping my puny brain recollect what happened over the past ten days.


Kiki said...

Justine! Saw you in the Taylors year planner. Haha. Nice picture!

Faiz said...

Food choices seem err... 'nice' to me.

Justine said...

Jo Lin, HAHAHA, so weird!!!!! :S My friend told me...but I haven't seen the planner yet though. Hehe. Thanks. =)

Faiz, word! Tell me about it man. -_-