The Last 10 Days

Dec 30th '09 - Cousin sister arrived at my place in the morning for a sleepover later that night. Drove the both of us to the mall and we had a blast having lunch and gift-shopping.
SpongeBob Files: Made of Awesome

Dec 31st '09 - Left for Kuantan with my parents and cousin sister. Gawked at the nifty hotel. Got bitten by a couple of ravenous red ants. Prepared for the countdown. While waiting, my cousin sister and I left for the pool area and the beach and took a ton of awesome shots under the glowing moon and faulty street lamps (which make pretty good lighting). Had the best last day of the year.
One of the pictures we took during the day.

Jan 1st '10 - Welcomed the new year with a loud bang! from several explosives. The one I had, unfortunately, failed to work as it was supposed to and exploded right where my fingers held it. Thankfully, my fingers remained intact and I survived the earth-shattering explosion. At night, my cousin sister and I had dinner at the Chinese restaurant in the hotel with divine food and rotten service. Post-dinner, we went nuts in the hotel room. Enough said.
The Art of Insanity

Jan 2nd '10 - We left Kuantan. Came back and felt like I had eaten a whole horse -or two- during the trip. Hit the gym with both my parents for the first time in months. After that, I felt like I had eaten half a horse.
Too much food for four people.

Jan 3rd '10 - Celebrated a very fabulous friend's birthday. She may age physically but her mental and spiritual age is probably eighteen. She rocks like that. Also had an amazing time catching up with good friends and the birthday lady's two exceedingly cute kids. Got a hug from the little girl before they left. And this is where I go, "Aww." So...aww. Ha-ha.

Jan 4th '10 - Finally finished one of the statement essays. Vowed to stub my toes on purpose if I didn't finish it today since I had all day. I finished it, but stubbed my toe by accident anyway. It felt victorious to be done with something important for the applications. I am very close to the finishing line now. Just a few more miles to go...before I run out of fuel.
My perfect (but sadly, temporary) workspace.

Jan 5th '10 - Drove to the mall to meet up with my long-time-no-see college friends. Watched a genius movie with genius lines and genius actors. Had lunch. Gave the birthday boy one of the nicest free gifts that ever existed. Then attended the briefing in college for the orientation days.

Jan 6th '10 - One of the 362 uneventful days I wake up to each year. (I'm assuming I have at most 3 eventful days. Like the birthdays of my father, mother and brother.) Night came and the word 'uneventful' flew out the window. My parents and I decided to pay a visit to my baby cousins who just arrived from the land down under. It was the first time I had held a few-month-old baby for more than 0.5 seconds. His elder sister who is now four and a good actress had been the first baby I had attempted to carry many years ago, for 0.5 seconds. She fell from my grasp 0.5 seconds later, head-first onto the bed (phew).
She had asked me to take a picture of her while she feigned sleep. Numerous times.

Jan 7th '10- Orientation Day 1. It wasn't as deadly as I had expected it to be. (I hate orientations like nothing else in the world.) I got to be productive as I ushered the new students, invigilated the international students during the English Placement Test and distributed the students' new schedules -which later entailed a ton of paperwork and explanation (to the freshmen) since the schedule was superbly complicated. Met a lot of really nice people and, this I must mention, a dude who shares my name and almost-surname. I had quite an awesome day, much to my surprise.

Jan 8th '10- Orientation Day 2. Drove for the third time in ten days! It was raining torrentially when I left my house in the wee hours of the morning. Picked the friend who always drives us to college. Arrived at college and took ten solid minutes to park into a spacious parking spot. Realized for the googilianth time that I suck. Led two groups of students to meet their advisors. Got the privilege to speak to the first group for a bit before their lecturer arrived. Yet another great day.


Faiz said...

Justine, your blog isn't boring.
What makes you think so?
I was laughing till the end of the last post.
And I read almost ALL the post you did since my absence from the net.



Justine said...

Hehe. Thanks, Faiz. You are OVERLY kind! =) Updated! After a decade... :X