Cloud Ten

Today was truly and completely a beautiful day. After getting seven hours of sleep (two hours more than the usual deprived five hours), I woke up to a gorgeous morning. The sky was painted with stunning shades of blue, green, red, yellow and orange when I was on the way to college. The car's CD player blasted inspirational music. Birds were chirping happily outside -though I couldn't exactly hear them chirp, I could hear them in my head. The day kicked off brilliantly.

In college, I had two quizzes (Calculus and Microeconomics) which went pretty alright though the worst is expected. After my last class of the day, I had to attend yet another PASS meeting with the subject lecturer. Since there had been ten tutors selected for Calculus II (for Engineers) and none for Calculus 161 (for Business), it would be a tragic waste of labor if a few from the ten didn't leave to tutor the latter. An enthusiastic and passionate friend of mine had already volunteered yesterday to tutor MATH161. He convinced me to follow suit and now I am going to be tutoring MATH161 together with the Head. All three of us are Science majors and have never taken the course before. I foresee that I will either quit, start to bald, voluntarily hammer my head or do all three before a month is up.

After college, I drove to the mall -for the googilianth time this month- to scavenge for some items. The day got better when I stumbled upon the most incredible thing to have ever existed in the world of Stationery: SpongeBob SquarePants highlighters. Yeah man.

Then, the day got even better when I bought Japanese food for dinner. Simply delightful.

And then, the day's awesomeness reached its glorious summit when I got home and turned on the laptop. I logged in to check my inbox and saw a very unexpected email from the school in Colorado which I had applied to. The subject had been "Admissions Documents" and I had presumed that it was a goner because they needed more information than was given to evaluate my application. I then noticed there were a few attachments that came with the email and opened the last one with my name on it, read it, blinked, read it again, blinked again, realized I had yet to react normally, thought "Oh...", then thought "Oh!!!"...and then, finally, freaked out. It was an acceptance letter. I was -and still am- doubly shocked because a) I honestly hadn't expected to get any replies from any universities, much less the number one university of my choice and b) if I did, I never expected to get such a speedy reply after having mailed the documents just last weekend. I think I am still feeling nonplussed and can't believe yet again just how amazing and present God is. My glory will always come from and belong to Him.

And now I am still walking on cloud nine; but slowly floating off to cloud ten.


Ikitron said...


andre said...

wtf lah justine joo so blur HAHAHAHAHA




Justine said...

Ikhsan, :D :D :D

Andre, THANK YOU!!! I will get to say, "I told you so!" to you as well! :P

Faiz said...

Congrats Justine.
Again, I shall say I can't be anymore happier for you.
And see, all the worrying for

Justine said...

Thanks, Faiz! And not you, too!!! Aiyaya. Haha. I am still convinced that my worries are always valid. :P

Danny said...

Congratulations, that is exciting.

Justine said...

Thanks, Danny!!! =) I am so very stoked!