Third episode of The You-don't-need-to-know Weekly -or rather, Daily- News:

Today, I did a number of things.

I discovered that fake fruits are shockingly dearer than actual fruits.

I finally read every word from my letter of acceptance. I had only read the first paragraph and lost it when I received it on Friday.

I read a little bit of fiction, a little bit of Sociology, a little bit of Microeconomics and a little bit of the tutoring manual.

I rejoiced over the win in the Australian Open men's finals.

I freaked out over the fact that I have zero plans at the moment for the imminent tutoring sessions.

I wondered if I was going to survive the day tomorrow what with having classes from 8AM right up 'til 1.30PM without any breaks in between. And then heading home at 5PM. And then dashing off to a family dinner. And then returning home late at night. And then burning the candle at both ends in the very possible event of any homework. Not for the first time, I am hoping to be homework-less tomorrow, though that is quite unlikely.

I drank tea.

I drank some more tea.

Same old, same old.


Cloud Ten

Today was truly and completely a beautiful day. After getting seven hours of sleep (two hours more than the usual deprived five hours), I woke up to a gorgeous morning. The sky was painted with stunning shades of blue, green, red, yellow and orange when I was on the way to college. The car's CD player blasted inspirational music. Birds were chirping happily outside -though I couldn't exactly hear them chirp, I could hear them in my head. The day kicked off brilliantly.

In college, I had two quizzes (Calculus and Microeconomics) which went pretty alright though the worst is expected. After my last class of the day, I had to attend yet another PASS meeting with the subject lecturer. Since there had been ten tutors selected for Calculus II (for Engineers) and none for Calculus 161 (for Business), it would be a tragic waste of labor if a few from the ten didn't leave to tutor the latter. An enthusiastic and passionate friend of mine had already volunteered yesterday to tutor MATH161. He convinced me to follow suit and now I am going to be tutoring MATH161 together with the Head. All three of us are Science majors and have never taken the course before. I foresee that I will either quit, start to bald, voluntarily hammer my head or do all three before a month is up.

After college, I drove to the mall -for the googilianth time this month- to scavenge for some items. The day got better when I stumbled upon the most incredible thing to have ever existed in the world of Stationery: SpongeBob SquarePants highlighters. Yeah man.

Then, the day got even better when I bought Japanese food for dinner. Simply delightful.

And then, the day's awesomeness reached its glorious summit when I got home and turned on the laptop. I logged in to check my inbox and saw a very unexpected email from the school in Colorado which I had applied to. The subject had been "Admissions Documents" and I had presumed that it was a goner because they needed more information than was given to evaluate my application. I then noticed there were a few attachments that came with the email and opened the last one with my name on it, read it, blinked, read it again, blinked again, realized I had yet to react normally, thought "Oh...", then thought "Oh!!!"...and then, finally, freaked out. It was an acceptance letter. I was -and still am- doubly shocked because a) I honestly hadn't expected to get any replies from any universities, much less the number one university of my choice and b) if I did, I never expected to get such a speedy reply after having mailed the documents just last weekend. I think I am still feeling nonplussed and can't believe yet again just how amazing and present God is. My glory will always come from and belong to Him.

And now I am still walking on cloud nine; but slowly floating off to cloud ten.



Yesterday, what began as an amazingly glorious day turned into an amazingly screwed-up day by night. This happened because naturally, I pissed a few people off and they reciprocated. Then I had a good night's sleep.

Today, I attended the first PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) training after miraculously being notified about it yesterday by the Head. When I entered the room full of punctual other tutors-to-be, I was promptly hit with a strong gush of smart winds. It was as if I had inadvertently walked in on the meeting of The Nerd Federation. I could hear conversations about universities, their applications and a graph that is beyond my comprehension. I started to feel the insane pressure for no apparent reason whatsoever. Psh. Although I have absolutely nothing against true nerds -since I have been terribly misbranded that honorable title innumerable times- I have never felt more of a loser than I did then. And that is saying something given the amount of loserly things I have been doing lately. When the lecturer-in-charge came in to commence the training session, it morphed into The Nerd Federation Plus One Dimwit. (Me, not the lecturer. Oy.) Two and a half hours later, it ended and I was allowed to inhale back the non-nerd air.

Tomorrow is a day away from the weekend. Yeah man.
And all alcohol makes me want to do is pee. Pathetic. But you're not supposed to be reading this. So if you are, I am very upset with you.


No Sleep Tonight

Today in Sociology, I was hit with the stunning revelation that society is an inescapable grasp securing me -and almost everyone else- in place, and that we are all miniscule parts of an invisible whole shaping our every decision and thought. I am horrified, and in denial at the moment.

Since I didn't have homework today -but a possible Microeconomics quiz tomorrow- I decided to nap when I got home. I thought it would be impossible for me to get even ten minutes of shut-eye since I had tried that yesterday despite being so insanely tired but couldn't seem to hit the off button in my head. But boy was I wrong. I slept for a solid five hours while it rained and thundered outside.

When I woke up, it felt like morning but it was already dinner time. The first news my mother told me was that my uncle had been hospitalized due to cardiac problems. Then both my parents went to visit him at the hospital while I stayed at home and slaved for the quiz tomorrow. My level of suckitude has reached yet another zenith.

Tomorrow, I will be meeting up with my best friend and another dear friend at the mall. I am looking forward to it.


Tiny Facts

Today, I learned that Red Indians were actually Chinese, shopping can also be defined as 'contributing to the country's economic growth', subjects like Sociology aren't meant for me, music can lift the spirit like no other, I am in a mental place of doom and, not for the first time, my family is my saving grace. Just one of the very few things in life worth living for. And I am thankful beyond measure to my Hero Upstairs for giving me reasons to keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other.


Little People

Today was a peculiar day of sorts. My parents and I left for the mall in the middle of the day and arrived there way past lunch time -though we still hadn't had our lunch. Post-post-lunch, my parents went to shop while I loitered around on my own. I decided to visit the mall's convention center where an education fair was being held. Since I am now pursuing a degree, I didn't seek for any foundation programs. I sought for piloting courses instead. There were only a few aviation/piloting colleges there but they were there, nonetheless. One patronizer-slash-counselor in particular pissed me off when a lady led me to him to inquire about piloting. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to know on behalf of someone else or for myself. I told him I was asking for myself. He stared at me and smirked blatantly. Then I asked him a few questions to distract my flashing "Punch him!" thoughts. He answered my questions tersely. I left with a vivid mental image of him being strapped to the wing of the airborne plane I am going to fly in the future. (OK. Totally kidding here. No, really.)

After that was done, I went to a glorious place called the bookstore. I went to the aisle with books I love reading for about two minutes and spent the rest of my time (about thirty minutes) at the cookbooks section -for undisclosed reasons. Just as I was on the way to the other bookstore at the other end of the other mall, my father texted to say that it was time to go visit my little cousins and grandmother.

There, my grandmother forced me to eat a bunch of biscuits even though I was still stuffed from the late lunch. But I don't recall there was ever a time in (Chinese) history when a grandmother chose to obey her loony granddaughter's request. After that, I sat through a Dora The Explorer movie special with my four-year-old cousin sister. It was fascinating watching a kid's show because I hadn't watched one since...I was a kid. Then it was time to leave. Although I had to get home, my heart just about broke into a million pieces when I bade my baby cousin brother goodbye -and he smiled, toothlessly, in return- and I waved to my cousin sister even as the elevator doors were closing because she didn't stop waving. Woe is me.


T is for Tragedy

Today in Sociology, we had a heated discussion over a non-existent future husband who may or may not like photography and the reasons behind it that may or may not affect a non-existent future marriage. After an hour of groping for understanding and sanity, the topic came to gender inequalities and I had something I really wanted to say. Since the lecturer adopted an interactive teaching method, speaking your mind out was very much encouraged. A few students were speaking their thoughts aloud on the subject as I tried to muster enough courage to open my mouth. After a few minutes, my courage culminated and there were butterflies in my stomach as I opened my mouth to say...nothing. Just as I was about to blurt out my thoughts, a classmate broke in and said exactly what I had intended to say. I don't know why I deflated a bit instead of rejoice like I usually would since I didn't have to speak up.

Post-college, I was on the verge of catching a movie on my own because I desperately needed to sit in front of a humongous screen with deafening speakers under the freezing air-conditioning. Then my obligation as a daughter made me call my mother to tell her about it. Of course, after the call, I wasn't allowed to go watch the movie on my own because it was unsafe. And I was spared from being more of a loser than I already am. Psh. In the end, I went to the mall alone anyway, had Japanese for lunch and tried to make sense of what Sociology is all about via the textbook. Sweet. Pathetically sweet.

When I got home, I slept because for some inexplicable reason, I didn't have homework today. Then I got up and read a book so haunting I think the reader in me is slightly scarred right now. Today was a bit of a tragic day...but no complaints. Because it wasn't even remotely close to how tragic the life of the character of the book was; even if it was fiction. Oy.


1, 2, 3

Yesterday, I did my first presentation (albeit small) for the semester in my Sociology class. At night, I picked up my best friend and went to the mall to meet up with our beloved and greatly respected sister in Christ who was once our Sunday School teacher two years ago. Our chat had definitely been enriching food for my soul because it had been a long time since I had proper fellowship...though there is no one to blame for that but myself.

Today, I woke up to discover that all my application documents have completed their four-day journey to the vast land called America. In college, I officially changed my major from (Geological) Engineering to Applied Science (Geology). When I got home, I conversed in the Hokkien language with my mother's cousin for five solid minutes since my mother wasn't home then. The pain was verging on unbearable since I couldn't even remember the last time I had uttered a full sentence in Hokkien. The minute I hung up after the conversation ended, my father cackled wildly. I am glad I was a form of entertainment to someone in lieu of my suffering, at least. At night, I hit the gym with my father for the first time since college began.

Tomorrow, I need time off from a lot of things...except a few things.


The Last 10 Days...Again

Jan 9th '10 - Woke up to Boring Day #82746. Was on the verge of cracking under excessive boredom when my best friend called and we went out for tea. Had a much-needed chat about the things that really matter and should matter in our lives. Late at night, my parents took me to a bar-slash-club to celebrate my mother's birthday in advance. Drank something that wasn't water or Coke or tea. Stayed wide awake and completely sane (no sarcasm whatsoever) until 3AM. Oh boy.

Jan 10th '10 - My mother turned a year younger. She is awesome like that.

Jan 11th '10 - First day of college. Woke up at an unearthly hour to get ready since I am now allowed to drive the car to my friend's place before heading to college. Discovered that one of the many projects this semester entails shopping and cooking. Got a huge serving of virtual cooking lessons (and a tablespoon of mockery) from good friends via Twitter. Managed to write another statement essay. (When I say 'write', I mean, copy and paste a portion of another university statement essay with a bit of tweaks here and there. Pshaw.) Two down; one more to go.
My courses for my fourth and final semester.

Jan 12th '10 - Went for an interview for candidates selected by lecturers to be tutors of certain subjects. Mine had been Calculus II. I never got a callback. I didn't have the teaching mojo. Post-college, we visited the four-storied library at the new lakeside campus. It. Is. Flippin'. Awesome!!!

Jan 13th '10 - Highlight of the day: Drank water.

Jan 14th '10 - Gleefully sorted the stack of papers into four piles for the four universities I was about to apply to. Paperwork had never been so rewarding and fulfilling.
A quad of papers.

Jan 15th '10 - Finally, I repeat, finally, I mailed out all my applications via a (very) reliable courier service. The cost for four documents to four different states had been exorbitant but they had to arrive there as soon as possible. It was one of the best days of my teenage life. I bade them a safe flight to the U.S. of A.
Envelopes never looked so good.

Jan 16th '10 - Worked on my final statement essay (which sucked big-time), even though the apps had been mailed out. Obsessively tracked the parcels at the courier site on an hourly basis. Drooled at the Geology Museum in the school in Colorado. Cringed at the food choices on campus. Wondered if I would even get accepted into any university. Moped at the horrific possibility.

Jan 17th '10 - Went for a movie with both my parents for the first time ever. Wished my brother had been there to complement the family but sadly, he was and still is away.

Jan 18th '10 - Two packages have now arrived in Colorado and Wisconsin respectively. The other two are still making their way to Minnesota and Nebraska. I pray they arrive safely.

P/S: Credits to my Twitter account for helping my puny brain recollect what happened over the past ten days.


The Last 10 Days

Dec 30th '09 - Cousin sister arrived at my place in the morning for a sleepover later that night. Drove the both of us to the mall and we had a blast having lunch and gift-shopping.
SpongeBob Files: Made of Awesome

Dec 31st '09 - Left for Kuantan with my parents and cousin sister. Gawked at the nifty hotel. Got bitten by a couple of ravenous red ants. Prepared for the countdown. While waiting, my cousin sister and I left for the pool area and the beach and took a ton of awesome shots under the glowing moon and faulty street lamps (which make pretty good lighting). Had the best last day of the year.
One of the pictures we took during the day.

Jan 1st '10 - Welcomed the new year with a loud bang! from several explosives. The one I had, unfortunately, failed to work as it was supposed to and exploded right where my fingers held it. Thankfully, my fingers remained intact and I survived the earth-shattering explosion. At night, my cousin sister and I had dinner at the Chinese restaurant in the hotel with divine food and rotten service. Post-dinner, we went nuts in the hotel room. Enough said.
The Art of Insanity

Jan 2nd '10 - We left Kuantan. Came back and felt like I had eaten a whole horse -or two- during the trip. Hit the gym with both my parents for the first time in months. After that, I felt like I had eaten half a horse.
Too much food for four people.

Jan 3rd '10 - Celebrated a very fabulous friend's birthday. She may age physically but her mental and spiritual age is probably eighteen. She rocks like that. Also had an amazing time catching up with good friends and the birthday lady's two exceedingly cute kids. Got a hug from the little girl before they left. And this is where I go, "Aww." So...aww. Ha-ha.

Jan 4th '10 - Finally finished one of the statement essays. Vowed to stub my toes on purpose if I didn't finish it today since I had all day. I finished it, but stubbed my toe by accident anyway. It felt victorious to be done with something important for the applications. I am very close to the finishing line now. Just a few more miles to go...before I run out of fuel.
My perfect (but sadly, temporary) workspace.

Jan 5th '10 - Drove to the mall to meet up with my long-time-no-see college friends. Watched a genius movie with genius lines and genius actors. Had lunch. Gave the birthday boy one of the nicest free gifts that ever existed. Then attended the briefing in college for the orientation days.

Jan 6th '10 - One of the 362 uneventful days I wake up to each year. (I'm assuming I have at most 3 eventful days. Like the birthdays of my father, mother and brother.) Night came and the word 'uneventful' flew out the window. My parents and I decided to pay a visit to my baby cousins who just arrived from the land down under. It was the first time I had held a few-month-old baby for more than 0.5 seconds. His elder sister who is now four and a good actress had been the first baby I had attempted to carry many years ago, for 0.5 seconds. She fell from my grasp 0.5 seconds later, head-first onto the bed (phew).
She had asked me to take a picture of her while she feigned sleep. Numerous times.

Jan 7th '10- Orientation Day 1. It wasn't as deadly as I had expected it to be. (I hate orientations like nothing else in the world.) I got to be productive as I ushered the new students, invigilated the international students during the English Placement Test and distributed the students' new schedules -which later entailed a ton of paperwork and explanation (to the freshmen) since the schedule was superbly complicated. Met a lot of really nice people and, this I must mention, a dude who shares my name and almost-surname. I had quite an awesome day, much to my surprise.

Jan 8th '10- Orientation Day 2. Drove for the third time in ten days! It was raining torrentially when I left my house in the wee hours of the morning. Picked the friend who always drives us to college. Arrived at college and took ten solid minutes to park into a spacious parking spot. Realized for the googilianth time that I suck. Led two groups of students to meet their advisors. Got the privilege to speak to the first group for a bit before their lecturer arrived. Yet another great day.