Voice Behere

Today was a pretty laid-back day. Since my brother's car is now back from the workshop -thanks to a little accident some time ago- I was allowed to drive to the mall in the city. In the beginning, my father kept screaming for me to "Brakebrakebrake!" (the last one being the highest pitch) until I told him, "I am braking. You just can't feel it because it was just too smooth." (Yeah, right.) After a while, he relaxed and even reclined his seat as he rode shotgun and finally allowed me to drive in the fast lane. I drove for a solid hour. Cool.

After lunch, my father met up with some friends while I loitered at the two bookstores at the two interconnected malls on my own. There is a bit of serenity from meandering through really huge malls, feeling no urgency at all...until my father texted me that he had to rush back to a wedding dinner he completely forgot about.

Twice, I entered a massive bookstore. Twice, I was so close to buying a book despite having three piles of unread books at home. Twice, I told myself that if I bought a book now for forty bucks when I could get at least five books for the same price at a book sale, I would deliberately poke my eye with a fork as punishment. Twice, I succeeded in thinking prudently. At least for now.

I am glad that my voice is now back -albeit I sound very much like a dude at the moment- because I definitely wouldn't want to attend the briefing for my college job (which entails a lot of speaking, much to my horror) tomorrow and get fired before I even got started on it. Because if that were to happen, it just might be a sign that I would need to find a job in the future in which shutting up is a merit. Oy.

P/S: I don't think 'behere' is an actual word in the Dictionary. I made that up entirely. Pardon me.

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