An Un-boring Day

Today was a positively eventful day. I woke up before noon which was the first accomplishment of the day. Then I mastered the skill of removing price stickers from the back covers of books, which had been quite a feat since the stickers were perforated and it made the task more challenging. But I have to give some credit to my freakishly long fingernails -a little over 0.5cm and I kid you not- and my patience since it didn't run thin and the books weren't hurt in the process. Then I sat in front of the TV set and watched some shows...which must have been really boring since the titles of the shows escape me now.

Sometime in the evening, I left for the night market with my mother. I had expected the weather to be scorching hot since it usually is in the evening, but thankfully, the sky was pervaded with clouds the minute we stepped out of the car. After buying dinner and a ton of tasty junk food, we went home.

I read a couple of chapters of my third storybook of the semester break before I went to the gym with my father. There, I did an unspeakably ingenious move by speed-walking a bit too fast on the treadmill that the sole of my left foot is now throbbing with continual pain and I have to limp slightly. But it's a good thing reading doesn't require walking.

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