Sweet Ride

Today was a glorious and rainy day. I woke up in the morning to discover that my left foot has healed overnight by God's healing hands. Then I fulfilled yet another task in the holiday to-do list by learning how to use the washing machine and the dryer. (I had also learned how to boil water a few days ago. It was an epic and touching moment.) Then I sat in one spot for a little over three hours and finished the third book. I killed some time after that by watching a comedy and had a good time laughing away like a loony because nobody in the house cared.

Night fell...and the most glorious moment of the day arrived. My mother had a flight to catch and I had asked my father earlier in the day if I could drive the family there. He said yes. He had also said we were taking the Bimmer (BMW). And so it was that I got to drive the Bimmer for the first time and boy was it an excellent ride. Because of the car, I mean. Not the driver (Read: yours truly).

At the airport, my brother and I tasted the most diluted drink of Coke that ever existed from McDonald's. It was so bad I think it must have consisted of 90% water and 10% Coke. Thankfully, the refill tasted much better. After my mother bade us all goodbye, my brother took over the Bimmer and drove us home. 'Twas a lovely day. And I am now on to my fourth book.

Quote of the day: "I'll name my son...Yo Yeo Check-it Out." -My brother the genius


Ikitron said...

I iz ekztremely jealouz! T.T Boohoo! -.-

andre said...

ROFLMAO yo yeo check it out XD