Second and Third

My first job ever as a student ambassador (a fancy name for 'student helper') turned out to be nothing to shout about because (a) I was the most useless, antisocial, timid, clueless and unapproachable one of the bunch of us and I wish I was kidding but no, that is the sad and horrid truth; (b) I read more than I actually talked and; (c) I realized I wasn't eligible for the job (at all) regardless of how much I love being around cool adults. (My parents being a perfect example.) I'm not sure if I'll still be working one last time next weekend but really, I kind of suck. At something so simple like communicating...or holding a pair of scissors. Oy.

Crappy work performance aside, the workplace was incredibly stupendous. Although the place isn't fully completed and furnished yet, there is no doubting the splendor of the place once it is done. The new lakeside campus -at present time- is complemented with a man-made lakeside where one can go kayaking in, a moot court, a restaurant (for the Tourism and Hospitality students), a housekeeping room (ditto), computer labs with huge-screened iMacs worth groveling for, colossal lecture theaters (one of which overlooks the gorgeous lake) and a ton of other nifty rooms I didn't get to visit during the three-day work period.

It is pretty upsetting that the ADP program will not be moving over to the Cool Campus as aforementioned but instead will seek residence in another college campus which kind of...sucks. I don't plan to stay here long enough for the move to the Uncool Campus if things go according to plan. But then again, my plan isn't always the best or the most bulletproof. I'll see how it goes.

In other news, there are four more weeks to go before the new semester begins. I can't believe it. It honestly feels like two months have passed even though it has only been two weeks. And there are still four more droning months -as opposed to weeks- to live through. But I will stop complaining because I actually need to utilize the time for the university applications. Pshaw.

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