OK-ish Day

Today was a painfully odd day. I had to get up early so I willed myself to sleep early last night. Naturally, my mind was wide awake until 3AM. I woke up after five hours of sleep -which is a far cry from the usual ten hours- and went to the train station. Since the highly efficient train was extra efficient this morning, I decided to befriend a stranger at the train station who was, coincidentally but not surprisingly, from my high school. The train eventually came after thirty minutes of waiting and we got to our respective destinations.

I had presumed that I was going to have to walk to college alone this morning -which isn't a huge deal at all- but God is always kind. Always. I bumped into an ex-schoolmate in the train who was also attending the briefing. And so we ended up walking to our college whilst having a good chat.

The briefing lasted for an hour and I discovered, much to my chagrin, that I wouldn't be promoting my program (ADP) with the rest of my ADP peers. Huh. I still don't know what it is I am assigned to do during the Open Days but I will find out soon enough -on the first day of work.

Once the briefing was over, a friend arrived at college; just in time to miss the briefing. Genius. Then we headed to the closest mall for lunch. Then the friend kindly dropped me off back in college because I had to settle some stuff with my transcripts. Of course, I couldn't log in to the library computers because my "username and password did not match" for the first time. And of course, the office at the computer lab was closed so I couldn't get the problem fixed. I ended up moping in McDonald's and then visiting the gloriously peaceful program office to read while I waited to get home.

I got home in the evening and the bed screeched for my name that I had to relent. I slept for two hours in complete darkness and woke up to find exactly ten horrific mosquito bites on me. Fantastic. After frantically slathering myself with anti-mosquito balm, I proceeded to do what I wasn't able to accomplish back in the library...and realized that there is something more mentally challenging than Calculus: Translating high school transcripts from Malay to English. The pain is almost enough to make me quit applying to U.S. universities and try out for Australian universities. Almost. But not quite, thankfully.

I predict tomorrow will be a bit of a banal day with a lot of reading and musing and boiling of water (which I have done numerous times now) and translating of transcript (which I don't want to do numerous times). And breathing. I am grateful.

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