Grades Don't Mean Squat

Today was a terrific day! It didn't start off terrifically though. It started off with a call from my college asking me what blue T-shirt size would I want to promote my program (ADP) when I was told at the briefing that I would be wearing the red T-shirt to promote other pre-university programs except ADP. And I am expected to wear both tomorrow. I'm doomed.

After having an unhealthy lunch, coughing here and there, rotting away in front of the TV and reading, I got an unexpected news from a friend: The 3rd semester results were out at the student portal. I was gobsmacked because the results were supposed to be out next week, not today. I frantically logged into the student portal and clicked on the ominous buttons which led me to the academic results. I didn't even have time to be anxious because I saw it before I could even blink. And flipped out. It really was such a shame that I couldn't produce any tears of joy but my bubbles of happiness and gratitude were expanding rapidly. God is always good. Too good. And this isn't the first time. 500% of the glory belongs to Him. Thank You.

I am immensely grateful for what I got...but grades are, in the end, only grades. I am more thankful that I survived this semester because it was deemed the hardest since I had taken three t-u-p-h subjects along with several friends. (Though in my opinion, I think next semester is going to be the t-u-p-h-est one for me because I have two reading subjects. I don't read books which aren't storybooks well. At all.) So many times I had accepted the fact that my CGPA was going to free-fall, as predicted by one of my lecturers. And so many times I had wanted to allow the Beast of College to swallow me up so I could rest in peace. And I think I did...for a short while. But I don't know what made me persevere though I think the Man Upstairs had a lot to do with it.

I only hope for the best for my collegemates in the semesters to come. I think I irked and possibly angered a bunch of people with my extreme happiness earlier today. I couldn't help it but I should know better even though the only way I am capable of expressing any kind of emotion is through something virtual. Oy me. It would definitely be ten-folds better celebrating something with amazing friends but that would be asking for too much. I am just majorly thankful that a person's value isn't determined or measured by the grades they get from pieces of paper with questions designed to confound the test-taker on purpose. And I hope the friends around me realize that.

Tomorrow is my first day of work and I am kind of dreading it. But I'm sure I'll survive. At least, I hope I will. I pray I will. I beg I will. Oh man.

"A growing body of evidence suggests grades don't predict success -- C+ students are the ones who end up running the world." -Source

I think I'm doubly doomed now.


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