The week has rocked so far and been a little crazy but I am glad it isn't ending just yet. I couldn't be more overwhelmed with joy and gratitude because I got to spend it with just the most amazing people in my life doing simple yet incredible things that would make fantastic moments to reminisce about. Some of the note-worthy things I have done throughout the week had been:-

Monday: Spent the day with my cousin sister who is truly made of awesome and I kid you not. Dropped by my college to collect my neatly-sealed transcripts. Then headed to the mall to watch our very first 3D movie and was asked by the lady at the cinema counter if we were twins. I was terribly amused. Had the best time. My cousin sister rocks. Immensely.

Tuesday: The Internet went down and my brother and I fought insanely hard for survival. In lieu of trying to stay alive, we both agreed that we both suck in our own special ways. Then we went to the mall to catch a movie -the same one I saw the day before. Later that night, a random man who came out of the casino at the club gave me a suspiciously-wrapped gift as I was using the club computer after gym. Then he said he wanted to smoke and disappeared. Slowly opened the gift expecting it to be a bomb threat of some sort -I know a few people who want to kill me- but discovered that it was just a party pack. Psh. A bit disappointed. (Just kidding!)

Wednesday: Drove for the first time all on my own! Picked up a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while and went to the mall to watch a movie -the same one I saw the day before and the day before that; oy. Bumped into another friend I hadn't seen in ages. Had an evening meal. Caught up with each other. Sent the friend home. Got home in one piece. Yeah man.

Thursday: Got permission to drive again! Sweet! Picked up two friends and we went to the mall -same one in three days. Met up with a good friend I missed since it has been too long since we last hung out together. Wanted to watch the movie-length cartoon from Disney so bad but the seats were all taken up when we got there. Ended up watching a movie on boy chipmunks trying to woo girl chipmunks. Ha-ha. Pretty adorable. After dropping a friend home, my best friend and I decided to eat at the dearly missed eatery right next to our high school. The last time we had both been there was probably a year ago. I had a superb meal. And a superb time. Got home in one piece for the second time. What a miracle.

Today: It is now a little over an hour into Christmas. Of the many things I am thankful for in my life, I am most thankful for having my heavenly Father in my life. No words can describe exactly how much He has blessed me with and I am sorry I will never be able to return the numerous favors He has done and will continue to do for me because of His great love; including the reason for today. Happy Birthday LORD. You deserve every single day of my life; just as You gave Yours for me -and everyone else on the planet. I surrender my days to You.

Merry Christmas! And God bless.

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