First Impressions: Third Take

It just dawned on me that I had completely forgotten to post about my views, lame as they are, on the courses I had pursued in my third semester (Fall) of college. But it is actually a good thing to be posting it now instead of during the semester because I have a natural tendency to, uh, freak out very early in the semester. So as per normal, here goes:

This is my Calculus II class and is particularly famous for its high failing rate among the students. I entered this class fearing the worst and made sure I paid attention to every single lesson and finished all the homework given even if it killed me. Failing would be worse than death for me. (I don't know when I became a pathetic academic wuss.) In the end, I did so much better in this subject than I could even dream of doing and I owe a large portion of my gratitude to my lecturer because she is, in my opinion, one of the best lecturers in my program. Even a private tutor couldn't help me as much as she did (Read: couldn't help me at all) and I am now fond of Calculus because of her. Fortunately, I will still be under her tutelage next semester for Calculus III. This time, I don't expect to do half as well as I miraculously did this semester. But I hope to give my best, at least.

This is my Chemistry II class and my lecturer had taught me Chemistry I back in my first semester. Truth be told, the subject materials for this class were hideously boring and it had been impossibly hard for me to make it past two pages of the Chemistry textbook whenever I revised. The lecturer, however, was far from boring. Her slightly eccentric character and random outbursts definitely made the class a very interesting one and I am glad I was under her guidance for two semesters. I still cannot comprehend how I got what I got for this subject because I honestly didn't give it my best. I only remember complaining on end about how the textbook is an object of torture and how I may not survive this class. But I am eternally grateful to her for being way too kind to me.

This is my Physics I class and is the most nightmarish of the lot. Physics had been one of the few subjects I absolutely loved back in high school...but my love for Physics shriveled up and died the minute I stepped into this class. Many sophomores had claimed that this class was a piece of cake but man were they wrong. Because it was like a bowl of noodles. At least, in my case. My lecturer was a bit of a merciless dude and there were many times when I had thought I was actually going to jump off the 12th floor where our classrooms were because he kept encouraging us to do so since our test results had been so devastatingly bad. And we could also deepen our understanding on projectile motion by doing so -if we lived through it. Oy. I vividly recall walking into the examination room during my Physics finals feeling wholly defeated and completely hopeless. I may need someone to explain to me how I actually got what I got for it because really, I had sucked big-time in this class. I was and still am expecting to see a minus (-) sign behind the first Latin alphabet in the set of letters every time I re-check my results. It is not paranoia; it is the search for justice. Ha-ha.

Next semester which would possibly be my last in college here, I will be attending classes for Calculus III (dead), World Religions (dead meat), Microeconomics (pork chop), Sociology (seafood spaghetti) and Malaysian Studies (dust). I have a hunch that my last semester is going to be the deadliest of them all but I am conjuring a strategy now to beat the Beast of College to a pulp when it attacks next semester. But then I have yet another hunch that I am going to lose in this imminent battle. Oh boy.

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